Paperback Sales Takes A 30% Nosedive

I just read on GalleyCat that the adult mass market paperback book sales dropped almost 31% in January 2011 when compared to January 2010. Hardback sales dropped around 11%.  It went on to say that total book sales dropped by 1.9%, totally $805.7 million. They have a total breakdown of the sales here.

Also at GalleyCat, eBook sales were up 115.8%. That is a jump from $32.4 million to $69.9 million. It stated that there has been an increase in sales in the past nine years since the Association of American Publishing has been tracking it. You can read the breakdown of the sales here.

I find it extremely interesting. I don’t know what it means for the future of publishing, but I do know that ePublishing will be a part of the future, for sure. I’m sure it opens up many avenues for publishing, even for big name traditional publishers.

I would think that without having to purchase paper, printing ink, and all that traditional publishing entails, these publishers could take on more clients and get more books out. It probably means smaller advances, cheaper ebooks, and smaller sales, but maybe the trade off is people buying more books. Hey, it’s cheaper and they can get it instantly!

What do you think about it?

7 responses to “Paperback Sales Takes A 30% Nosedive”

  1. Definitely super interesting! It'll be interesting to see how fast this change over to ebooks happens. How sad are you that spring break is almost over?? 😦


  2. i love the Ebook format and am enjoying my Nook Color immensely. I love books too but the ereaders are more convenient when traveling. If I'm near the end of one book, I don't have to take another along just in case I finish the first.


  3. There will always be those quick to point out how bad things are. Personally, I think we're writing stories at an exciting time when more authors than ever are getting published in a variety of ways. E-readers will, in my opinion, only serve to increase the number of people buying books, which is a good thing.

    In my post today, I say why I believe The Publishing World is Alive and Well, citing a well known resource: Publishers Marketplace.


  4. I muffed up the link in my previous comment. If I did it right this time, the post title should be linkable. Here it is again: “The Publishing World is Alive and Well”, citing a well known resource: Publishers Marketplace.


  5. Although I love my ereaders I definitely think that paperbacks aren't going anywhere anytime soon. To tellyou the truth if I had to chose between the ebook or the “real” book, the real book wins. 🙂

    XOXO~ Renee


  6. Harry potter / Chronicles of Narnia / Twilight series … are hits. Everyone wants to read them not just avid readers like us.

    People would like to try them!! So when such books are released, volume of sales in terms of print (paper back) increase!! Last year, no such books are released. That is the reason I believe

    with warm regards


  7. It's interesting, but I'm going to try and not worry but accept the changes as they come. That said, I know I personally bought more paperbacks off the shelves these past few months than usual… then again, I've also been using my eReader for indie authors quite a bit. Change happens, and it's how we deal with it that makes the difference.


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