Spring Break Has Sprung

Today I am back at work, probably inundated with new students to register for school. After any holiday or at the end of a term, we lose students and we gain students, making my job extremely busy. The problem with being busy today is that my brain will not be working like it should. It will be sluggish. That’s what happens after a break.

But what a great Spring Break it was. We bought a brand new couch on Monday! What makes this special is 1) We were given money to buy a couch, and 2) It was the second new furniture purchase we have ever made! I know, you saying, What? Your kidding, right? You see, when you are in the ministry, you don’t have a lot of extra money, and people know that, so they give you things. That is a huge blessing in our lives, truly, but it makes it oh-so-special when we can purchase something of our choosing. Here is a picture of the couch we chose.

The second best thing about Spring Break is that I got to sit on my new couch with my laptop and write. I critiqued, I wrote, I edited, and I blogged. Yes, I even changed my blog layout…in case you hadn’t noticed. The other was getting to busy for me. I got more done than I expected, which makes my heart smile.

The third best thing about Spring Break was I got to watch movies. My husband and I began Downton Abbey, which is excellent. March Madness has gotten in the way, and I am threatening to continue the series without my husband. I watched some chick flicks…The Switch, Morning Glory, and Life As We Know It. All good. (Well, The Switch was just so-so.)

And the fourth best thing about Spring Break is I got to read. There’s nothing like reading in bed late at night, knowing you don’t have to get up early. There’s also nothing like reading in bed until 10 or 11 in the morning. So indulgent. Let’s see…I read Deep Trouble by Mary Connealy (a galley copy on my Kindle from NetGalley.com) Very good, and my review will come out later in April, before the book is released. I then I started several other books. I am reading them all at once, so I haven’t finished any of them. I am reading Plan B by Pete Wilson, The Art & Craft of Writing Christian Fiction by Jeff Gerke, and The Glory of Green by Judy Christie. All very good, so far.

That was the extent of my Spring Break. I didn’t go anywhere, since I didn’t have a car, and that was fine by me!

What did YOU do for Spring Break? Or what are your plans if you haven’t had your Spring Break yet?

14 responses to “Spring Break Has Sprung”

  1. Grrr . . . Blogger ate my first comment.

    Looks like a great nap-taking sofa!

    I understand the whole “never bought new furniture” thing—I've never bought new furniture that (a) is over $200 and (b) didn't require assembly (and not just “some,” but “major”). Most of my furniture is either out of a box from Walmart or Target (or an online retailer—including my office furniture, bookcases, and sofa) or it's a hand-me-down from my parents or something that I've had since childhood. I could give any “bachelor-style” apartment decor a run for its money with my mismatched, frayed, scuffed stuff.

    If I can find a full-time job, my plan is to use the advances and royalties from my books to buy new, matching, “adult” furniture.


  2. I like your couch, and your new layout! I finished up a lot of books I'd started, watched a lot of movies, including The Switch and Life as We Knew It (which I really liked), wrote some and worked in the yard. Going to be hard to go back today–but 11 more weeks for me.


  3. Love the new look! I had a great spring break too! I did research, I judged some contest entries, I wrote my first book endorsement (weird!), I submitted my book to my publisher (more weird!), and I'm adding words to my newest WIP. I also got a lot of snuggles and playtime in with my little honey (and my big honey too) 😉


  4. I had two Spring breaks this year, One two weeks ago with The Young One, and one last week with The Eldest. I spent most of the time running around in circles. I did manage to take each girl to Panera Bread for lunch.


  5. That looks like one handsome, cozy couch! I hope you enjoy many hours of happy writing there. :O)


  6. That couch looks so comfy!

    Glad you had a productive spring break. Spring break here was spent mostly at basketball tournaments and running the college girl to errands like the dentist and the hair salon, but it sure was good to have all of us together again.


  7. I'm glad you had such a restful spring break with time for some of your favorite activities. Congrats on the new couch. It looks like a great place to curl up with a book.


  8. Kaye, I think that is a GREAT use of your book earnings! You will have that house filled up with awesome furnishings as prolific as you are! Have you heard anymore about the job?


  9. MJ, sounds like you have a nice break like I did! Don't you love watching movies and reading? So indulgent. 🙂

    Katie!!! You judged for Genesis? How fun! Was this the first time you've judged? Did you like the experience?


  10. CJ, TWO spring breaks!!! Wow, sounds like you were a busy lady. 🙂 Hope you got to rest a little bit.

    Diane, thank you very much! I'm sure it will gets lots of wear. 🙂

    Erica, it's alway nice to be together, even if you have to run errands together!

    Keli, actually I've curled up on my couch with my Kindle. I know I'll bring a book at some point, but so far, just my Kindle and my laptop. 🙂


  11. Yummy! Spring breaks are fabulous – I remember them from high-school. Unfortunately, I don't get them now, but I'm so happy you were able to catch some R&R AND get a new couch!!! That is so fun! 🙂


  12. Hi Jaime! I am loving the couch. It makes me smile just looking at it. 😉


  13. Oh you have me SOOO excited!! My spring break is coming!!!! I cannot wait =)))


  14. Tana, I didn't know that's what your name was! It's beautiful! I'm sure your Spring Break will be every bit as fabulous as mine was…maybe even more! Have fun!


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