Final Four Widow

I’ve been a Final Four Widow since Friday. My husband’s brother got 5 tickets to the Final Four Competition and he took his father, two brothers (my husband is one), and his son. The package included the two games Saturday night, days at the Bracket World (not sure what that is…games, previews, things to do, etc), and then of course, the big Championship game last night.

So what have I done? I went out Friday night with my female inlaws/FF widows! We rode the train to downtown Dallas (West End) and ate at a nice steak house called The Butcher Shop. Saturday I woke up at 9 a.m., watched a movie in bed, went and got a pedicure, shopped for prom dresses with my daughter, then watched a movie in bed.

Now, here’s the bad… I got in my car at 7:45 a.m. Sunday morning to go to singing practice and my car was dead. Yep. So I went inside, woke up my “happy” teens, and made them take me to practice. I tried to jump it, but couldn’t find where to open up the hood to my daughter’s car! Grrr… Then today, my daughter calls me right before 4 p.m. saying that there were tons of bugs crawling out of the vent in the bathroom.


I have never been more glad to just be renting, because when I got home and looked at the bugs, I knew they were termites. Ugh…they were coming out the bathroom vent and the vent in the living room. When I got to looking around, there were those little dirt clods (evidence of termites) on the wall in the hall, the hall bathroom, my bathroom and my closet! I found some raid and sprayed ALL the vents and got to cleaning. So far, I they aren’t coming out anymore.

I’m thankful my husband has had such a great time, but he’s got his work cut out for him once he gets home!

4 responses to “Final Four Widow”

  1. When it rains, it pours. I feel for ya!


  2. WOW! I'm glad you're just renting too. That sounds like an invasion.

    Yay for splendiferous Saturdays!

    Did you find a prom dress?


  3. Now that just plain sucks, Sherinda! I'm eeking out just thinking of those bugs.

    May hubby find a solution, and fast!


  4. CJ, it always seems to pour while my husband is out of town. Isn't that Murphy's Law? 😉

    Erica, Saturday was an EXCELLENT day! Definitely made up for the bad stuff.

    Eileen, doesn't the thought just make you shiver with creepiness? Bugs…and lots of them…ugh! BUT, I was a big girl with the Raid and cleaned up all those dead bugs! Ha!


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