The Afterglow

Today there is a glow. A glow from a day celebrating my Lord’s resurrection. There is a special warmth and energy that comes from Easter Sunday; people wearing their finery, families reuniting, smiles and laughter abounding. The preacher delivers an inspiring message, the songs sung are full of joy, and communion takes on special meaning. We ride the high, coming home to food, family, and egg hunts, and our hearts are full of peace and love.

What I love is the Monday Afterglow. The small stirring of hope and expectancy that lingers like a mist caressing the landscape on a cool morning. It’s almost as if life becomes luminous, taking on a sheen of viability–strong and tangible. It’s as if God’s finger leaves its imprint in every moment of my day. It makes me feel close to God and makes me want to live on purpose…with passion.

I love the afterglow of Easter.

What do you love best about Easter?

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