Deep Trouble by Mary Connealy

Deep Trouble
Mary Connealy brands us with another hootin’ and hollerin’ romance, making us squeal for more. Deep Trouble is a story about Gabe Lasley, a wandering cowboy intent on forgetting his love for a married woman, and Shannon Dysart, an adventuress looking for a city of gold to honor her father’s name.

Right from the start, Connealy takes us on a fast paced, grand adventure. I say that tongue-in-cheek because a good portion of this story takes place in the Grand Canyon. The majestic beauty of the setting is brought to life as Shannon and Gabe travel into the heart of the canyon, in search of a lost city of gold. Due to unusual circumstances, they are accompanied by a grumbling preacher and a Dineh (Navajo) Indian couple who make the journey extremely interesting.

It isn’t long before they realize they are being hunted by a group of greedy gold diggers who know about Shannon’s treasure map and want it for themselves. In a race for the gold through a dangerous, stifling hot land, Shannon and Gabe’s feelings for each other grow…though they are obviously attracted to each other from the very first. (Way to go, Mary!) to the drama and tension, Connealy brings in Shannon’s intended groom from out East. He’s come to take her home and make her settle down with him. Connealy also brings in Gabe’s brother, who brings his sister-in-law (who has a crush on Gabe). They know Gabe’s in some kind of trouble and come to help him out. Add those characters in the mix and you get a wild and crazy ride.

There is so much tension and action in this book, it kept me turning the page until the very end. Connealy has a knack for opening strong and ending each chapter with a hook that won’t let go. Her romance is sizzling and the humor is uber-Connealy-funny. I loved it!

This book is due out on Monday, May 1. Don’t miss it!

*I received a galley copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.

2 responses to “Deep Trouble by Mary Connealy”

  1. By your review, Mary Connealy's DEEP TROUBLE is a must read.


  2. I love Mary's books. Can always count on a good laugh while reading!

    I didn't know about this one yet, thanks for posting about it!!


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