My Senior, My Daughter

I’ve got another senior this year, my daughter. I’ve got three big boys…all over 6 foot…and then this beautiful 5’6″ daughter who is such a delight. She is gifted with such life and energy…a special glow and vitality that lights up the room when she is in it. She makes my heart smile.

She is ready to leave the nest–more than ready, actually. And while I know this is a part of life and she is a capable young woman, I am really going to miss her. It is going to be quiet around the house, with just the one son left at home. Poor guy, he’s got three more years before he flies the coop.

So as I gather pictures for a special Graduation Sunday display, I reminisce about her life and the blessing that she is, praying over her and hoping she will clearly see the path God has laid out for her in the coming years.

Here are a few pictures from Graduation Sunday at our church yesterday. They had the three graduates come forward and receive a Bible. Then our elders/advisory board laid hands on them and prayed over them. Afterward, a reception was held in their honor with a huge pot luck dinner. Good times.

I’m just a little proud, to say the least, and so very grateful to God for having the honor of being her mother.

4 responses to “My Senior, My Daughter”

  1. She is absolutely gorgeous. That energy bleeds into the pictures. What a lovely post, Sherrinda.


  2. Congratulations to both of you!


  3. What a beautiful young woman. All the best to her as she embarks on the next chapter of her life. And hugs to you as you prepare for the parting.


  4. Sherrinda, That was so lovely. I can see why you'll miss her so. *sniffsniff*


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