Settling In

I’m settling in at my new job and am finding that I love it. It is easier than my other job, less stressful and a slower work pace. Very nice, indeed. I am missing my friends from my previous job, especially Beverly, one of my best friends, but the people at my new job are really nice and have made me feel welcome.

What is nice is that I come home not completely drained. I am getting the itch back. The itch to create. So I’ve been reading a couple of books on writing. What, you say? You aren’t writing? You are reading about writing? Well, maybe I am procrastinating a bit, but it’s been so long since I’ve really written that I feel the need to refresh myself on the craft. I’m still a newbie, you know.

But my mind is whirling with an idea, and I’m excited about letting it stew. This sounds so familiar, doesn’t it? I keep talking about it, but not doing it. Anyone else ever get stuck in this pattern?


6 responses to “Settling In”

  1. Yay! So glad the juices are flowing again! (even if it is a trickle, lol) I totally understand that feeling of coming back after a break. Scary and filled with the question, “Can I still do this?”


  2. I think all creatives fall into that category. At some point you have to stop the brush up and jump in. Have fun!


  3. Maybe you can start out by just free-writing about your idea. Spend an hour writing about your story, your characters, snippets of dialogue. Maybe it will open the floodgates for you.

    Yay for the new job being less stressful!


  4. Sarah, yes! That is exactly what I'm thinking! Can I really do this???? Such doubt. I really hate that.

    CJ, I think you are right. Just do it! 😉

    Erica, is that what you do? Do you freewrite at the beginning? I actually think that is a brilliant idea!


  5. Sherrinda, I'm glad you're enjoying your new job.

    I, too, experience doubt about my writing. I've found the only surefire cure is writing. No, really. If I start splashing words on the page, pretty soon I feel that old excitement begin to build as I get swept up in the story, and the fear gradually fades.


  6. I think reading books on writing stimulate creative juices. You're sure to rat-a-tat your fab idea 🙂
    So glad you like your new job.


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