Wednesday Review: Out of Control by Mary Connealy

Wrangler in PetticoatsI love Mary Connealy. And I really love her books. They are so funny, so fast paced, and so romantic. What’s not to love about an earth-shattering kiss in complete darkness, down in the depths of a cavern? Mary knows how to write strong, independent women and strong, but vulnerable men. And Out of Control is as good as it comes.

About the book:  Julia Gilliland has always been interested in the natural world around her. She particularly enjoys studying the fossils and formations in the magnificent cave near her father’s house. The cave seems plenty safe–until the day a mysterious intruder steals the rope she uses to climb out.

Rafe Kincaid is a man used to being in control–of himself, his brothers, and his family’s ranch. The last thing he expects is to find a woman trapped in the cavern on his land–or to be forced to kiss her!

Rafe is more intrigued by Julia than any woman he’s ever known. But when their developing relationship threatens a with his brothers, will Rafe have to choose between his family and this new love that could heal his troubled heart and secure his happiness?

My thoughts:  I like how Mary Connealy takes a setting and makes it almost a character in itself. The cavern plays in heavy in this book, and breathes life into each and every chapter. And then we have the other characters: Julia, who finds the need to spend her time exploring the cavern: Rafe, who had a harrowing episode with his brothers in the cavern: a wild man who lives in the cavern; an insane man intent on hunting down Julia to find treasure her father supposedly stole; and a pregnant woman ready to give birth. What a varied list of characters! This is the reason Mary keeps me turning the page. The characters are unique, kirky, and real.

Rafe and Julia have such great chemistry, and from the very first chapter we see the sparks fly. There’s some wonderful romantic scenes, and a couple of breathtaking kisses that Mary does so well. I love the humor, the misunderstanding, the vulnerability, and the sweetest of their times together.

If you like to read about cowboys and the women they love, you will love this book. It is the first in the Kinkaid Brides series by Bethany House. Look out…there’s more brothers that need a wife!

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Find out more about Mary Connealy HERE.
You can purchase Out of Control HERE.

* I received a copy of this book from Bethany House in exchange for my honest review. 

One response to “Wednesday Review: Out of Control by Mary Connealy”

  1. Woohooo for Mary, spreading her house wings. 😉 I saw this in Walmart and was SO tempted to buy it. I can't…yet. lol But I've loved all her books so far.


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