Estrogen Minority

I am now the minority in my house. The lone female – all because we dropped off our daughter off at the University of Texas in Austin. She is in the oldest and smallest dorm on campus, but I betcha anything it has the biggest rooms. Her dorm room is huge, with a lot of room to move around. The floors are hardwood and there is a built in dresser and shelves.

She is on the top floor…4th story, and there is no elevator. I carried a bag up those stairs and decided I better stay up there and start getting the bed looking good. Besides, it was like 105 degrees outside. I didn’t want to keel over and embarrass my daughter, right?

She didn’t want us to stay and help her get things put away, so after we got her bedding on the bed, we hugged goodbye (I only got teary eyed.) and headed for the car. It was only when I got to the car that I really broke down. It didn’t last too long, and I had gummy bears to ease the pain.

She is doing great. She is happy. She called Sunday afternoon and shared about the church she visited, which makes my heart full. She is a good girl and I am so very proud of her. She is starting her own journey, and I know she will glorify God in whatever she puts her hand to.

I’m so thankful God has allowed me the privilege of being her mother. She is special.

6 responses to “Estrogen Minority”

  1. What a wonderful post! I hope when my boys are adults that we have such a good relationship. Keep those gummies nearby. 🙂


  2. Don't worry Mama, you'll blink and four years will have flown by. I know. My Eldest graduated this past May.


  3. Sigh. We're taking our daughter back to school today, and I'll be in the Estrogen Minority again.

    Must stop and pick up some gummie bears on the way.

    One solace…our daughters are going to do great this year! 🙂


  4. Hugs to you, Sherrinda. It's hard to say goodbye but so rewarding to see how well our kiddos do on their own. Here's wishing you and your daughter a great year filled with growth and lots of good things.


  5. Happy and sad moments all in one. I have a few more years until that day comes. :O)


  6. Thanks, Ladies! I love that we are all moms who know and understand each other. There's nothing like that kind of support!


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