Monday Again…and PINTEREST!!!!

I wish we could have Mondays off. Don’t you think three day weekends would help the world in general? We would all be more rested and in better spirits. Less war. Less strife. A happier you. A happier me. I love to dream big.

I chopped my hair off. I mean really chopped it good. I think it is rather cute….kinda sassy, if I do say so myself. It is a little shorter than what I thought I wanted, but I like it. It’s easy, which is a plus. What I find funny is all the people that don’t say a word about the change. I always wonder if they can’t find anything good to say about it, so they keep their mouth shut! Funny, huh?

So have you heard about Pinterest? It is an interesting site, though I’m not sure the real purpose of it, other than it is like a visual bookmarking site. What you do is add a little button to your internet toolbar and when you see something you like while you are surfing the net, you “pin it”. You have these little “corkboards” on your Pinterest page and you add interesting or cool things to your categories. I have categories like…Photos that move me, Travel Dreams, DIY Crafts, Artsy stuff, Cool Clothes, etc…

Here is a  look at my DIY Crafty Things category up close.  The cool thing is that it will link to the internet page that you “pinned it” from. That way you can go back to the page to get the directions for the craft.  There is a stream of other people’s pins and you can repin anything you see that you like. You can follow other people that you like or get your friends to join.

Yes, I need another online thing to do like I need a hole in my head, but this is really neat. I’ve found some DIY Crafts that I am going to do for Christmas presents!

So what new cool thing have you come across lately?

6 responses to “Monday Again…and PINTEREST!!!!”

  1. LOVE the hair!!! So freakin' cute! I always toy with the idea of getting my cut like this. But I always chicken out.


  2. I think your new hair is cute 🙂 Thanks for spreading the word about Pintrest, it's definitely something I want to try out.


  3. Sherrinda, you are our 90th Follower over at Overcoming through Time!!! I have a gift for you so please come back and leave your email or email me at the addy listed on the blog. Congrats and thanks for the follow. And I followed you back!!


  4. Thanks, Katie. Going short is always a fearful thing, but the way my hair grows, it won't stay short for long!

    Bethany, I think you will find Pinterest a bit addictive. Maybe not, but I have found so many cool things to make for Christmas presents! I'm definitely hooked.


  5. Carrie! Thank you so much! I'll head back over and leave you my email. And thanks for the follow! 🙂


  6. I like the hair, too! Very cute!
    And, well, I did get Monday off for Mid-Autumn Festival…holiday in Asia. But, if it makes you happy, I didn't get last Monday off for Labor Day.
    I'm new to Pintrest, as well. I've not been that active, cause well,I just don't have the time right now. But, I like the idea of it…so I'll probably use it more as I remember to “pin” it. =)


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