Friday Fun Day

It’s Friday and it WILL be fun, because the world is getting back up on its axis and becoming a little more normal. I got my computer back and am thrilled by that! My husband was sweet to let me use his, but I still felt lost without my own laptop in my lap.

The bathroom is still not done, but I’m ignoring that fact.

I weighed in last night at Weight Watchers and finally….FINALLY…am losing once again. I lost 2 pounds, bringing my total to 17.6 in weight loss. After two weeks of being at 0 in loss–and not even gain–I was ready for some progress on the scale.

And today is a special day, because…

  1. It is JEANS day! And Jeans Day always means a more relaxed day. A happier day. A fun day.
  2. It is the last day of work before Spring Break!!!!! (And since I work for a school district, I get Spring Break off!)
  3. My big projects at work are completed and I can catch up on slower paced work.
So what is so special about your Friday?

7 responses to “Friday Fun Day”

  1. Today is the beginning of Spring Break! We have some fun things planned for next week like the zoo, with the new dinosaur exhibit and camel rides! And Incredible pizza. Not exotic beaches but definite memory makers!


  2. I'm waiting for the FedEx man to deliver a brand spanking new PC today and for the dishwasher repairman to figure out why the dishwasher is not draining. Thankfully, the repair call is still under warranty.


  3. I'm sooo glad you got your laptop back, Sherrinda. I felt for you when I heard it was in the shop.

    Congratulations on your WW success. Every pound counts. =)

    I hope you enjoy your jeans day. I'm sure you'll enjoy Spring Break.


  4. I'm having the best Friday ever – hanging out with my sister and brother-in-law and my oh-so-adorable nephew. Fun! Enjoy your jeans day!


  5. Jessica, oh my goodness! Your Spring Break sounds fabulous! I remember having little ones and doing such varied fun things. Those were the days. 🙂

    CJ!!!! A new PC! That is so exciting! There is nothing like getting a new “toy”. lol But eeww on the dishwasher. I hate plumbing problems.

    Keli!! I know you will enjoy YOUR spring break with you fashonista daughter! Have fun!

    Melissa! I love family time and sometimes that is hard to come by! I hope the rest of the weekend is wonderful for you!


  6. Happy Spring Break! I wish it was warmer, but….


  7. MJ!!! Happy Spring Break to YOU! I hope you get to do something fun. It's supposed to get up to 80 degrees here on Monday or Tuesday…but it is in the 40's today! lol Lovely Texas weather.


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