Living Content

I’ve been struggling this week with being content. I am a pretty patient person, but this week I have been to the edge and have been battling the cranky pants in the closet – oh wait, I still don’t have a closet!

Yes, today marks six weeks that my bathroom has been under construction. We are still sleeping on a mattress in the living room, with our clothes in the kitchen and my undergarments in a paper bag. Six weeks. For a little bathroom. Here’s an update on what things look like at this stage:

Where the toilet will be, with the sink next to it.

Still have to add some tile, but part of the shower door is in.

Dust, dust, everywhere…

And my poor bedroom. They did put a ceiling fan in…a guilt offering maybe?

Things are looking a little more productive now, and well they should. I even got a ceiling fan, which I believe is a guilt offering for it taking so long. I think what is so difficult is having people in my home off and on, disturbing the flow of my daily life.

We are told in the Bible to be content in every circumstance, and that can be a difficult thing. We will always struggle with our feelings, but even in the midst of anxiousness, frustration, fear, and anger, we can practice the presence of Jesus. It is in His presence that we find our peace and contentment. He is the Prince of Peace.

So that is what I’m trying to do. PTP…Practice the Presence of Jesus…be continually aware of Jesus in my life and His great love for me. And you know what? It seems to be working.

What are you dealing with that you need the Prince of Peace to stand with you on?Ā 

6 responses to “Living Content”

  1. Your bathroom looks beautiful. Our remodel, 3 years ago, in our only bathroom in my dollhouse took 40 days to complete


  2. See? It's all in perspective! You didn't even HAVE a bathroom for 40 days! I should count my many blessings!!!


  3. Wow. When this post caught my eye – I thought I could very well be writing this.
    I have zero patience lately and not just with some big inconvenience such as bathroom re do but with things that should not even make me blink as a believer.
    Part of it is that I am not being fed as in “the word.” We have been away from church for nearly two months with health issues and it seems when that happens I fail to feed myself. It's hard staying up when I'm depending only on my own feeble self. I forget to put Jesus in the equasion. What a wonderful reminder here this morning that I need to let go and let God. I'll be turning to Bible study later today to fill myself with gratitude for the great sacrifice He gave for us. This was a gentle reminder to me.
    Perhaps it wasn't what you intended when you wrote this but it's what came through for me. Thanks Sherrinda for the encouragement I received from your post.
    Blessings on your day. Barb


  4. And also, your bathroom is looking mah-velous! I have someone working on something for me and it's like driving Miss Daisy. Learning to PTP myself!


  5. PTP…I love that!

    Patience is hard for me. And honestly, I don't even like to pray for patience because then I think God's going to purposely give me something be patient about. šŸ™‚ But I do notice I'm much more at peace and relaxed when I simply surrender my timeline. I say “simply,” but honestly, there's nothing simple about learning patience! šŸ™‚


  6. We are in the process of selling our turn of the century home (we bought a different home on the Mississippi last year and have been renting out the other one). The turn of the century home was a huge mess when we bought it and it took us seven years to remodel, all of it done by us. A few things weren't finished until two weeks before we moved out, which was frustrating! I looked at a cracked bedroom ceiling for seven years…I learned many a lessons on patience living in that house. Good luck with yours – the end result will be worth it!!


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