The Bloom of the Cross

Yesterday was a beautiful reminder God’s love. As Christians, Easter is THE day. It’s the celebration of life – true life in Jesus.

It’s the day we are reminded that Jesus has taken our crosses…our burdens, our failures, our sin…and nailed them to the cross. It’s the day we are reminded that because of Jesus’ resurrection, we have new life, a beautiful life.

Jesus has taken the ugly cross of our sin and failure and replaced it with beauty and life. Real life. Joyful life. Life with meaning and purpose.

Yesterday our church came to the front of the sanctuary and placed carnations upon the cross of failure that we created last week. What was once a cross of thorns and ugliness became a cross of velvet beauty.

That’s what Christ does for each and every one who believes in Him. He takes our failure and sin and turns it into success and beauty. He transforms us, loving us into becoming a person for His glory. A person of beauty. A person of joy. A person who oozes God’s love.

What has the bloom of the cross done for you? Are you experiencing His transforming power or are you struggling under the weight of the thorny cross?

11 responses to “The Bloom of the Cross”

  1. Beautiful, Sherrinda.


  2. What a great idea of a physical demonstration. I also like that you chose red and white, what a great reminder that His blood was shed for our sins and washes us whiter than the snow.


  3. Gorgeous! It gave me chill bumps! 🙂


  4. What an awesome way to show the powerful message of the cross. Beautiful, too.


  5. Thanks, Martha. I hope your Easter worship gathering was wonderful too!


  6. I know the red and white carnations show up best, but there are other colors too…pink, coral, yellow. Personally, I chose white to symbolize my sins being wiped clean! 🙂


  7. I love chill bumps! That just means the Spirit is at work! 🙂


  8. I was moved by the demonstration…both activities the last two Sundays. It has definitely been a blessing.


  9. I was blessed to share the event with you and hear your lovely voice beside me raised in praise. A great day!



  10. Ava, it WAS a great day and I loved getting to sit by you! 🙂


  11. Sorry I'm late commenting, but I loved your post. So beautiful and such a reminder to carry the love of the cross with me into the rest of this week…and month…and year…and life. 🙂


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