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Blessed by Dr. Reba of My Book Therapy

As a member of My Book Therapy, I have the opportunity to sit in on weekly webinars given by various Coaches on the MBT staff. Last night Life Coach Dr. Reba J. Hoffman spoke and her topic was Dare to Dream. She had stories and tips to move us forward to living our dream.

I was blessed by Reba’s words.

She had asked us to type in our struggles in living our dream (the webinars are interactive) and several shared. Reba’s encouraging and motivating words were like life to me. You know, many times you read advice over and over and it doesn’t sink in; but when it is personalized and directed right at you, it is as if your very pores are open to absorb the essences of the advice given. You are receptive. You care, because the person talking to you cares. It makes a difference.

And you know what? She gave us her email so that when we face down times or discouragement along the way, we can write her and receive encouragement for the writing journey. How awesome is that?!?

You can check out Reba at her awesome blog or at MyBookTherapy.

Who has spoken words of life to you recently?

Weight Loss Update: I lost 1.6 pounds this week, so actually, I have stayed about the same this month, with all my fluctuating. But I feel like I am back on track – feeling better and ready to tackle getting healthy.

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Asking God the Wrong Thing

Do you ever wonder if you are asking God the wrong thing? Or for the wrong things? To do the wrong things? I have to tell you that yesterday’s sermon hit home with me. The service was so moving, with the Holy Spirit whispering through the words of the songs, touching my heart like only He can. And then the sermon came.

Don’t you love it when your pastor is passionate about something? Has experienced God’s presence and is excited about it? Yeah, that’s what I love in a sermon!

Our church is facing some serious changes with our building being for sale and the thought of having to relocate is a tough one. My husband, the pastor, has been praying about these changes and asking for direction in order to help our church.

In his teaching,my husband has been focusing in John 14-17, which talks about the the Holy Spirit and staying connected to God. In that section, Jesus talks about “ask in my name” four times. My husband’s word from God was this: He’d been asking God for wisdom to deal with the changes coming to our church. He’d been wanting God to send him knowledge to help our church. Sure, that’s noble. But here’s the thing, he had been asking God to help him do something for the church, not asking God to do something.

Ask God to do something!

God is a BIG God and He wants to work in our lives. He wants to DO something in us and for us. Sure, He can empower His people, and He does that, but He wants to do something big in our lives.

And here is the really AWESOME thing that God did. We have had two young couples place membership in the past week!!!

Our small church is such a wonderful mixture of generations that support each other and love each other. But in the change that is coming, we are going to have to realize that in a way, this change is going to be like a death. It will be the death of our church as we have known it the past decade. As with any huge change in church, there will be people who leave. It’s a fact. A sad one for sure, but a fact, nonetheless. It will be a death of our church as we know it. BUT…The cool thing is that we will get to experience a new birth.

New beginnings! It’s exciting to think about, really. What is God going to do? Well, He’s already brought 2 new young couples into our church this past week and I believe that is just a foretaste of what’s to come. We will need that energy and fresh perspective to face the coming days.

God is doing something! And I’m thrilled to see what else He will do!

What is God doing in your life?

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The Awesomeness of a Writing Retreat

A writing retreat conjures up different thoughts from different people. Some would automatically think of a weekend full of sessions and speakers. Some would say it was a weekend at a getaway place with a group of writers, where you brainstorm each others work and write on your WIP. And then some would say it was a time you go off alone to focus on writing – just getting the words on the page.

Well, I just got back from my first writing retreat. I was not alone. I had my writer friend from church, Ava. She  invited me to her river house about an hour away and I said YES! It was the first time I’ve ever gone away for the purpose of writing and it was the coolest thing ever.

So Monday through Wednesday of this week, Ava and I sat on the front porch of the river house and worked in our Book Buddy. We were both in the beginning stages of our stories and spent time developing plot and characters. What was so cool was that we would sit in silence, working and writing in our workbooks, then one of us would say…”What do you think about this idea?” or  “I’m stuck here. What should I do?” We were able to have quiet time, yet have another person help us out when needed.

Me with my favorite drink and My Book Buddy (I had it printed and bound.)
Ava with her drink and Book Buddy.

I cannot tell you how cool it was to bounce ideas off of someone else. Ava thought of stuff I had not and she was able to tell me if something worked or if it was just plain confusing. It really helped to solidify my plot and make me feel like I could proceed with confidence.

On the last day of our retreat, I was able to start writing. Ahhhh, the sweet thrill of starting a new WIP. There is nothing like it. (well, maybe the sweeter thrill of finishing!) I’m pumped!

Of course we did wind down in the evenings. Ava brought us Snuggies to wear to keep us cozy and comfortable, and we watched Letters to Juliet one night. And I did bring my Kindle to read, but my brain was so tired, I didn’t get much read before my eyes would close and I’d snort. (Yeah, I snore some…sigh.) Romance writers should NOT snore. It’s just not cool.

Yes, I look like a wizard here.
Ava and her UT Snuggie. Go Longhorns!

I am now a firm believer in The Writing Retreat! Everyone should try to get away for a couple of days and just focus on writing. Yes, we were brain dead at the end of each day, but the jewels we uncovered were worth the brain overload!

So tell me…have you ever been on a writing retreat? What was your experience like? If not, have you ever thought of how you could make that possible?

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On Vacation

Today I’m going on a writing retreat with a my friend, Ava, from church. She has a river house about an hour away and invited me to get away with her and work on our WIPS. I’ve never done anything like this and I am soooo excited. I’ll be back Wednesday afternoon, so I won’t post until Friday.

I wanted to leave you with some pictures from Mother’s day. I made Mother’s Day gifts from an idea I saw on Pinterest. The first picture is the Pinterest picture. The second one is what I made.

I thought it turned out cute!

And here is a couple of pictures of me and my husband and then me and my kids on Mother’s Day. My husband cooked a Sunday night meal…grilled pork chops!!! My daughter in Austin at UT tried to come home, but it didn’t work out with all her finals and last minutes stuff, but she is going to come home in a couple of weeks where she can spend more time. YAY!

I just noticed my oldest son just to the right of me is squatting down behind his wife! lol He is 6’6″ and is one inch shorter than my son in the back. I knew the picture wasn’t quite right! And just because I miss my daughter, here is a picture of her…
Have a great week!

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A Plethora of Thought

No theme today. Just a big ol’ mess of my thoughts. There’s just some days that thoughts don’t come. Nothing brilliant comes to mind. It’s just a pile of various things that I’m thinking about.

SQUIRREL! (Anybody ever see the movie UP?)

Yeah, squirrel is a good descriptor.

CASTLE: So, what did you think about the Castle season finale? I know most people were so glad that Castle and Beckett finally got together, but a blog post by Jenny B. Jones really said what I couldn’t quite put my finger on. You can read her post HERE, if you so desire. I posted Jenny’s link in Facebook and it got some Castle-watchers talking. If you write romance, you probably feel like I did – that the “getting together” was too rushed. I won’t get into all the nuances here, but Jenny’s post sure made me think!

WRITING: I’m still trying to work through My Book Buddy and get my plot worked out for my new story. It’s slow going, mainly because I’ve been trying to keep up with laundry better, keep my house straighter, keep my kitchen sinks shiny, and the toilets not so gross. Yeah, some things are kind of important that way.

MOTHER’S DAY: My parents and my in-laws are coming over Sunday evening for dinner to celebrate Mother’s Day. My kids…except my daughter, who is in Austin at UT…will be there. And I don’t have to cook! Gotta love that. So I’ve been perusing Pinterest, trying to find some cute, easy craft to do for gifts. What do you think…


I Love You Frame

Family Key Chain

I need something easy that I can make tonight. 🙂 What do you think?

WEIGHT LOSS/GAIN: I almost didn’t go to Weight Watchers last night. I knew I had been bad and had eaten out way more than I should have, and was pretty sure I’d gained a few pounds. I went anyway and was surprised that I gained only 1 pound. So here’s to a new week of eating well.

BLOG VACATION: I’m taking a short hiatus from blogging next week, because I am taking three days vacation and going on a writing retreat with a friend! We are going to her river house about an hour away and staying Monday through Wednesday. No internet! Just writing! I’ve never done this before and I am so incredibly excited!

I’ll be back next Friday sharing about my exciting Writing Adventure at the river house. So have fun next week!

What fun things do you have planned for Mother’s Day?