Sherrinda’s Fabulous Weekend

My husband was out of town this weekend and I had some fun. Of course, if he had been in town, he would have come with me…it’s not like I was doing things I wasn’t supposed to! Friday night I went to my in-law’s house over in Dallas, where a bunch of family gathered for a little birthday celebration. Delicious food, lots of laughter, and I got to hold Piper Kate, the newest addition to the Ketchersid clan. (I believe that makes 45? now…from my husband’s parents to the great-grandchildren.) I don’t have a picture me and her, but here is her precious self.

Piper Kate

Saturday I went to the grand opening of Trader Joe’s. It is the first one to open in Texas and my son got a job there. So I went and was shocked by the crowd. I had to park three blocks away and police were directing traffic. Craziness. Here is a picture of my son checking out. He is far away, since I am in line…which is backed up into the aisle. EVERY line was backed up almost to the opposite end of the store. To shop in the aisles you had to reach across people standing in line to check out. CRAZY! 

My son is the super tall guy with the navy shirt on.
Then I went home and took a nap and watched some Alias episodes. I then went with my friend to Saxby’s Coffee House to listen to her husband and his friend play and sing. Soooo good! They sing 60’s and 70’s music and they are fabulous. It was an hour trip to get there, but it was worth it. Lots of laughter with my friend and some yummy frappichinos!

Brad and Randy

Sunday I drove to Granbury, which takes about an hour, and went to church with my mom and dad for Father’s Day. We went out to eat for lunch and had great pasta, then went to their house to visit for awhile. I have the best parent’s in the world. So funny, so wise, so cool. I love being with them.

My mom and dad…the best!

And today, I go back to work. Here I am in my work environment…well, I’m not really my desk, since we are displaced because of remodeling. There are four of us secretaries with laptops, sitting at a small conference table. I’m soooo glad we really like each other. I tend to get goofy to ease the chaos of the closeness. Good times!

So are you ready for another week? Anything special happening?

14 responses to “Sherrinda’s Fabulous Weekend”

  1. Sounds like a fun weekend, indeed. 🙂 I got a TON of writing done on Saturday and spent Sunday with family. This week, it's life as normal…work and writing. 🙂


  2. Your weekend sounded busy and fun. I had an hour and a half where time stood still


  3. Hi. So glad you had such a great time ALL weekend! Whew. You'll have to rest up now. Piper is a doll!! Hope your work week goes well. Text me if you can. Love you!! Alice


  4. Tomorrow my 5 year old turns 6! So we have a little party planned for her (she's SUPER excited, as you can imagine!). But today isn't a day for celebrating. In a couple minutes I need to wake up my 7 year old and get ready for a funeral. A friend of mine from MOPS lost her husband to a brain aneurysm at the age of 44. They have four small children and one of them was in my daughter's 1st grade class, so we'll go together to support our friends. He had the aneurysm in January and things looked hopeful at first, but he went downhill quickly two weeks ago and had more strokes and bleeds. Please pray for Kay and her family. Thanks!


  5. Sherrinda, I missed you at church and the potluck, but I ate some chocolate in your honor. Glad to hear you had a fun and busy weekend. Next weekend I'm taking my Mom to the River House for her belated Mother's Day getaway. Just the two of us . . . and my laptop . . . and my revisions.


  6. Fun, fun, fun!! Sounds like you had a great weekend!


  7. Yay, for time to write! I'm so glad you were able to get a lot accomplished!


  8. Ooooo, CJ, what did you do in that 1-1/2 hour that stood still????


  9. Love you too, Alice! Last night, I hung around with Caleb. He painted while we watched a couple of movies. 🙂


  10. Oh my goodness, Gabrielle. I am so sorry about the loss of your friend's husband. I will definitely be praying for this hurting family!

    Congrats to your little 6 year old!


  11. I missed my sweet church family, but had such a nice time with my parents! It is rare I get them to myself. 🙂


  12. It was awesome, thanks! Hope you had one too.


  13. That baby is precious and so much hair!!! You're too cute, Sherrinda! Can't wait to meet you in person. We had a big weekend. My mom came for my son's 8th Birthday and we had a big 2 day celebration. This week has been pretty smooth so no complaints! 🙂


  14. It looks like a great weekend. And what a beautiful baby she is!


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