Am I Doing Enough?

I rented Machine Gun Preacher last night and was left with a disquieting question. (disclaimer: this movie is rated R for violence and language) Am I doing enough for God? Now, as a life-long believer, I know that is such a terrible question to ask. The Christian walk is not about doing…it is about a relationship with Jesus. But is my relationship deep enough to where I am actively pursuing His work around me?

If God is all about His mission in this world – to bring people into relationship with Him – then how am I participating in that mission?

My answer is lamentable. Not much. Yes, I am a preacher’s wife, but what have I been doing other than going to church every Sunday, sing in the Praise Team, help out occasionally in children’s class, and support my husband? Nothing. I quit having people in my home because I live so far away from church. I don’t visit others now that I work full time. I haven’t organized anything because, well, I work and am tired.

As for bringing people into relationship with Jesus? Nope.

In the movie Machine Gun Preacher, the main character, Sam, went on a mission trip to Uganda to work on constructing buildings for the people there. When he went to Sudan and saw that mass of orphans there, he was moved to help. He saw the need in front of him and he acted upon it.

So often my eyes are clouded by all the stuff in life that keeps me busy…to the point that I forget that my life should revolve around Jesus. I want to see clearly. I want to see where God is working and join Him in His work.

Not that I have to be doing something big or great, but I want to be His hands, His mouth, His embrace wherever needed. I want others to experience Jesus when they are around me. I want them to taste and see that He is good.

Am I doing enough? Probably not. But I do have Jesus in my heart and He will work His will in me if I let Him.

Have an awesome weekend!

p.s. I lost 1 pound last night at weigh in!!! Finally! I’ve either stayed the same or gained a little the past month…grrrr.

15 responses to “Am I Doing Enough?”

  1. I think this is a question we all bump up against. Here's my problem: When I start asking that question, I find myself wanting to do something huge and amazing…so much so, though, that I tend to miss the little things I could do in my every day life. Maybe we don't see massive issues in our daily life, but I'd be willing to bet we all have opportunities to help the people around us.

    And still…I get that urging sometimes to live a crazy life like it sounds like Sam did in the movie. To just drop everything and do…something. I guess the key is being in tune with God and what He's telling me to do.


  2. I totally understand your feelings here. Waves of spiritual ambition roll over me, slapping me in the face sometimes to wake me up. Then I do what you are doing now–analyzing my situation. When we compare ourselves to others, we are entering dangerous waters that can drown our self-esteem.

    Don't underestimate the work you are doing for God on a daily basis. You are bringing up an amazing family of God-fearing children that watch your every move. They watch how you handle the crises and obstacles in your path. They watch and listen to your prayers, learning from them without even realizing it. They know you are the biggest source of support to them, always willing to listen and give spiritual direction when they are lost. They could not be all that they are without the stability you offer.

    Sam may be called to help orphans, but you are called to help raise a new generation of spiritual believers and that is no small task.

    I can't begin to tell you how your kindness and support have blessed my life–especially on the writing journey. Your encouragement and advice have cemented the dream I now have to someday be published. Thank you for that, dear friend.


  3. I agree with the previous 2 comments. Sherrinda- you have had an amazing ministry for years. Don't underestimate the power of just doing well the things God puts in front of you no matter how small and insignificant they might seem. Whatever the potter assigns his vessel to hold from time to time, we must accept our role- whether handing a cupcake to a small child, or preaching the Gospel to hundreds. You cannot tell which will be more successful in eternity.


  4. Even mundane work is answering God's call. We can't all be in the parade. Someone has to be on the sidewalk to clap as the parade passes by.


  5. Congrats on the weight loss! This is what I loved most: I do have Jesus in my heart and He will work His will in me if I let Him.

    That's the key. Sometimes, I think we look for things to do and think we don't do enough, but just loving people and revealing Jesus through our daily actions can do more than we may ever know!

    Love your heart, Sherrinda! I haven't seen this movie…yet!


  6. I think it's not so much what you are doing, but HOW you are doing it. If you work, then you have a whole pool of drowning people around you. That is your mission field. Show them Jesus. They watch you. All they have to do is see Jesus living in you, and you have done what He has asked.


  7. I will echo a few others and tell you to not underestimate the power of your words and your blog. You've blessed me countless times with your insight, your creativity, your heart for the Lord and for your family and your spiritual wisdom. But I know what you're saying – I think we all yearn to be doing more. We look around at the crazy world and we see so much need – and what are we “doing” about it? God assigns each of us our tasks and missions and if you're feeling His call to be doing something you're not currently doing – than go after it. If you're not feeling the call, but looking around with your human eyes, than maybe He's asking for prayer – because that's something we can always do. You are an amazing woman!


  8. Melissa, I think you are spot on. Being in tune with God and following His leading is the key! Thanks for sharing your sweet heart.


  9. Ava, I love that and you are so right in that one of our callings is to raise up children who love God with all their heart. Thank you for the reminder.


  10. Laurie, I love you and miss you, friend! I think I have become numb to God's leading, afraid of where He might lead in the uncertain times ahead. That's not the way to do it!!!! I need to really be in tune…and I'm working on that! 🙂 (((hugs)))


  11. LOL…well put CJ! I love it!


  12. Jessica, I love YOUR heart! Your blog always reveals such realness….that is what I want for my life. Thank you for your example!


  13. Thank you for that reminder, Lily. I do work outside the home now and I can only hope that others around me can see Jesus in me. I fail on a daily basis, but hopefully they can see the joy that Jesus brings me within my failures.


  14. Oh Gabrielle, I love the way you think. Seriously, I think we could be great friends if we lived close! Sometimes I forget that prayer is an amazing, powerful tool, and my life should be a continual prayer to God. Thank you for that reminder, friend.


  15. Sherrinda, thank you so much. The best compliment I could ever receive is someone offering me friendship. I wish we lived closer, too!


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