Violets, Stitches, and Almost Kisses

It’s been awhile since I posted, mainly because I just haven’t felt like posting. Things are weird. Things are busy. Life is just moving too fast for me right now. So here’s a few random things going on with me.

I am growing Violets and they are amazing! I am not even doing anything to them! My friend, Becky, gave me a pot especially designed for violets. It is a pot that sits in a bowl of water so that moisture can travel through the bottom of the pot to keep the violets moist. I think that is working wonders. Also, I keep them in the window sill of my kitchen, and I keep the florescent light on day and night…they light florescent light. That’s what I’m doing and I’m getting spectacular results, don’t you think?

So my son cut his hand with some scissors last week. Yeah, we needed to go get stitches, but to save $1000 dollars, we decided to butterfly them up and make sure we kept it clean. So far, so good. It is taking longer to close up, but it’s doing well.

We had a special time of prayer at church Sunday with lots of candles. I snapped a picture with my phone and was excited to see something special show up! Do you see anything? Look to the left…the light from the window and some light from the top is making a cross!!!! Nice, huh? (That’s my husband preaching.)

Today I’m posting at The Writer’s Alley about Almost Kisses. I’ve got lots of movie/TV clips of some good ones. Stop by and share your favorite “almost kiss”. Here is my favorite. (click on the link below the picture)

2 responses to “Violets, Stitches, and Almost Kisses”

  1. I've missed you. I peek in to see if you've written anything new! Glad you did. I loved the violets in my great grandma's home. She had a major green thumb. When she passed away, my name was on the bottom of the pot of violets. “Because you love them so.” I was only around 7, but I'll never forget that. My mom kept them on the window sill in our kitchen for as long as I can remember, or she planted new ones in that pot and I never knew! 🙂

    Sorry bout your son's hand. Looks painful for sure!


  2. Your violet looks beautiful. My mother grew violets. Always water from the bottom and don't touch their leaves no matter how inviting they look to pet. They don't like having their leaves touched. If a leaf falls off, place it in a small glass or jar of water. It will grow roots and you can plant another violet.


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