Glad To Be Back

I haven’t blogged for a month! Isn’t that crazy? I tell you, it was a crazy busy month, but I feel like I can finally breath now and get back to some kind of normal…whatever that is. So what have I been doing? Well, mainly working really hard. The beginning of a school year is always busy, but this year especially so. New people, new programs, lots of purchasing and distributing…just crazy.

But I’m catching up and slowing down…and feeling much better.

So have I done anything fun during this time? You betcha, I have!

I’ve gotten a little crafty! For Boss’s Day, I made some of those cute little jars and fixed up some cute tags for them. I thought they turned out great.

I’ve also started shopping online for Christmas. I love finding good deals and stumbled upon Zulily. It is mainly for women’s and children’s clothes and accessories. They do have some home decor and kitchen stuff, but mostly clothing. Check out these adorable shoes for only $12.99! Wouldn’t they look great with a pair of jeans?

I am also working on another Christmas project that I can’t talk about, in case my daughter and daughter-in-law ever read this blog. But let’s just say that I am enjoying it, even though it is a labor of love and taking me a long time to finish. 🙂

In a couple of weeks, I hope to go to my mom’s for the day and make some new Christmas stockings. I made some when my kids were little and crosstitched names at the top, but now that my son is married, I need to make new ones (with some extra ones for future in-laws!). Here are some that I found on Pinterest that I want to make.

And speaking of Christmas, here is the wreath that I want to make.
Adorable, right? I can hardly wait! I will post pictures of the finished products when I get them done. 
I have also been reading, but I have been so tired at night, I haven’t been able to read as much as I would like…I fall asleep!!! Right now I’m reading To Win Her Heart by Karen Witemeyer and it is GOOD! Sigh…I did stay up late the night before last reading it…I just couldn’t put it down. I’ll do a review when I get finished, but I won’t be giving up my copy for a giveaway, because this one is going on my shelf. 
So Happy Friday people….have a blessed weekend.

8 responses to “Glad To Be Back”

  1. That wreath is gorgeous!


  2. Isn't it pretty? I used my 40% off coupon at Hobby Lobby to purchase that big, wide mesh! I have been picking up accessories of and on to put on it…I'm itching to start!


  3. Oh my goodness! You're so crafty. 🙂 Pretty pics. Welcome back!


  4. Glad you're back! And since that wreath has a “P” in the middle, you should make it for me! LOL

    I wish I was crafty. Alas, I am not! 🙂


  5. Cute projects! I've been finding some in Pinterest lately, too, and plan on making presents for Christmas.


  6. I love seeing your crafts! I am soooo un-crafty, so I totally admire people who are. 🙂 I just read my first Karen Witemeyer book a few months ago and was HOOKED!


  7. I like those stockings. My kids love their stockings on Christmas morning.

    Have a great time with your mom on craft day!


  8. I'm glad life is settling down for you, Sherrinda, and hope you enjoy your crafts. You've got some fun projects planned.

    I loved To Win Her Heart. It's easy to see why it won a Carol award.


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