My Awesome Holiday!

I had the best week off last week! I’m sure you all had fun with family and ate lots of food like I did, but I bet you didn’t have as much fun crafting as I did.

The day after Thanksgiving I stayed at my mom’s house and she helped me make stockings. When my son got married, I felt bad that my new daughter-in-law didn’t have a matching stocking at Christmas. Three years later, I finally got them made! I saw some on Pinterest that I liked, and decided to tweak it a bit to suit my decor. I just wish I had gotten bigger letters. Here is how it turned out…

I made them out of burlap and even made a lining for them out of muslin. I painted my family’s initials in red, then mod podged some glitter on them, and then tied them on with some pretty ribbon. Pretty cute, huh?

I got my wreath made (also a Pinterest find) and think it looks fabulous!

Yes, I glitted the K initial too! Love that bright green!

And then I finally got the courage to paint a canvas like I saw here:

I decided to paint mine with a deep red background to go with my new stockings. I think it turned out quite nice.

And here is a picture of me “in process”. My husband took a picture and scared me…glad it didn’t make me mess up!

So today I go back to work on this Marvelous Monday. (sigh…I declare it to be so!) I’m thankful for the time I’ve had to rest, recuperate, and rejuvenate over the last week and I hope to live the week fresh, happy, and strong. Whatever I do I pray I glorify my LORD.

Have a Marvelous Monday!

14 responses to “My Awesome Holiday!”

  1. I'm glad you had such an enjoyable vacation, Sherrinda. Your creations are beautiful. You're one talented woman.


  2. Love the stuff you made. So festive!


  3. Wow, you're so creative!! Those are lovely. 🙂


  4. Oh, I wish I had your craftiness and talent, Sherrinda! I love those stockings!


  5. Sherrinda, you are so talented! I love the stockings and the words on canvas. Beautiful! My hubby and I are trying to make all our Christmas presents this year. It's fun but hard.


  6. Wow! I love the painting! It's perfect!


  7. You are awesome! This is beautiful!


  8. Thanks, Keli! I know you had a fabulous holiday, because I saw pictures of you with your beautiful daughter!


  9. Thanks, CJ! I'm a bit nervous letting a great calligrapher look at my lettering!


  10. Thanks, Jessica! I hope you had a fabulous holiday!


  11. You ARE talented, Melissa! Your writing is gonna knock people's socks off, girl!


  12. Cindy!!!! Make all your Christmas presents??? Even for your kids? I would love to know what you are making for your kids! Please blog about it!!!


  13. Thanks, Erica! I was really surprised that it turned out like I envisioned. Alot of times I picture something in my head and I cannot make as good as my picture!


  14. Awww, you are sweet! You are fabulous artist in your own right….those nails!


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