Trilogy of The Seven Kingdom Chronicles

If you enjoy riveting tales of fantastical medieval adventure and love, you will love the trilogy of The Seven Kingdom Chronicles by Thomas Williams (Yes, he is my dad and I am thrilled to be plugging his newly digitalized novels.) These would make wonderful Christmas gifts for the bookworms in your family. For easy gift giving, simply go to any of these books’ Amazon Kindle website and click on “Give as a Gift” in the box on the right!

Let me share with you a summary of the books and what reviewers are saying about them:

The Bride of Stone (Volume 1 in the Seven Kingdom’s Chronicles)

Three lives are dramatically interwoven in this medieval tale of tragedy and triumph. Perivale, a war hero made king, finds the great promise of his reign threatened by the lure of power. The beautiful Princess Avalessa endures a tragedy that could bar her forever from all possibility of love. Davian, a talented but misogynic sculptor, creates a statue of perfect womanhood which is brought to life through dark necromancy.
The story moves toward a climax in which all three characters must make wrenching choices: King Perivale must choose whether to give up his cherished source of power or descend into madness. Davian must choose between his indulgent life with a beautiful, compliant artificial female or a real but marred woman who loves him dearly. Princess Avalessa must make the most wrenching choice of all—whether to heal her own tragic circumstance or restore to her beloved the very thing that could cause him to reject her.
In this surprising twist on the ancient Greek myth of Pygmalion, The Bride of Stone raises the question: If a man were granted the perfect mate of his dreams who catered to his every wish and whim, would he really find it fulfilling?
Price: $4.99
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What reviewers have said about The Bride of Stone:

The Bride of Stone has a good message about finding true beauty beyond the surface.… Another theme Williams portrays nicely is the ease by which anyone can be seduced by evil, despite good intentions…. If there’s a sequel,  I’ll read it.”  — Infuze Magazine

“…The Bride of Stone has something to say not only about the nature of art, but the nature of love. If a man could have a perfect partner, as Eve was to Adam in the beginning, what would that be like?    

“Here is a spellbinding tale of pride, betrayal and ultimate redemption.”   — WRGN Network

“[Readers] will appreciate the medieval fantasy Williams creates….Christian educators and artists of all kinds will particularly appreciate chapter 20, which details a Christian world view of art as it was intended by the Creator, contrasted with art that reflects man’s fallen and sinful nature.” — Christian Library Journal

“…one of the most beautiful stories I have ever read….Reminiscent of both Arthurian legend and Lord of the Rings,  yet told with a gentle grace that far removes any comparison….I did not want the story to end.” — Rebecca Wire in Round Table Reviews

The Crown of Eden (Volume 2 in the Seven Kingdom’s Chronicles)
A beautiful young princess is betrothed by her father to an unknown prince in another land. When she meets the prince, she finds him spoiled, decadent, and filled with an inner darkness that makes him unfit as a husband and unfit to rule. 
At the same time, a young and powerful blacksmith’s son finds himself reluctantly embroiled in a great quest to fulfill an ancient prophecy he does not understand. He falls in love with a beautiful maiden who hides a tragic secret she cannot reveal. He finds that to wed her will undo the ancient prophecy and forever doom the empire of the Seven Kingdoms. 
The paths of the princess and the blacksmith cross, and both must choose whether to pursue their own hopes for happiness or bring a great evil upon the land. 
Price: $4.99
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What readers and reviewers have said about The Crown of Eden:
“Put Tom Williams up there with C. S. Lewis and J. R. R. Tolkien. His first book is a ‘great’ of the fantasy world.” —The Houston Chronicle
“Magnificent language, stunning imagery, and compelling symbolism . . . worthy of the most critical reader.” —Ellen Gunderson Traylor, author of Song of Abraham
“We are privileged to enjoy Tom’s skill with a story.” —Max Lucado
“Tom Williams has written a Tolkien-like fantasy in The Crown of Eden.” —Chicago Sun-Times
“Williams’s tale of the ongoing struggle between light and darkness carries a strong moral and religious message that makes this high fantasy adventure a good choice for libraries in search of Christian-oriented fantasy.” —Library Journal
“Williams delivers a romantic tale examining such topics as fate, free will, and the power of good and evil. Both fantasy and romance readers will enjoy this first adventure in the Seven Kingdoms Chronicles series.” —CBA Marketplace

 “A masterfully told fantasy comparable both in style and wisdom to the works of George Macdonald, C. S. Lewis, and J. R. R. Tolkien. The book is filled with spiritual truths and deals with a number of challenging issues on an allegorical level. It is a book to be read slowly, and to be savored.” —Christian Library Journal
“If you like fantasy, it will completely gratify your expectations. Brilliantly written!” —Emily Alger on
“My wife and I were overwhelmed by this book. I don’t know when I have enjoyed anything so much. Warning: once you start it you will find it hard to stop. I let several things go and read it over a couple of days. It’s a fine piece of work.” —Dr. Thomas A. Langford, Late Dean of the Graduate School, Texas Technological University
“An intriguing fantasy of love and adventure that takes place in a world of hidden identities, secret motivations, and the unfolding of a divine prophecy.” —Joseph Bentz, author of A Son Comes Home
The Devil’s Mouth (Volume 3 in the Seven Kingdom’s Chronicles)
This sequel to The Crown of Eden takes the reader back to the mythical world of the Seven Kingdoms with a compelling medieval story of freedom, justice, and forbidden love.
When political conspirators murder his father, Prince Lanson of Lochlaund flees for his life. He becomes the chivalrous protector of a beautiful tavern maid who is hiding from the moral condemnation of the powerful Lochlaund Kirk, a religious establishment ruled by a lecherous bishop which has a stranglehold on the kingdom. 
Ultimately Lanson must decide whether to give the woman over to the kirk’s legalistic justice or defy the kirk and save her life by wedding her—a choice which could lead to a holy war that would destroy either the kingdom or the kirk.
Price: $4.99
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What reviewers have said about The Devil’s Mouth
“…about a religious monarchy that punishes sinners by dropping them into the mouth of  hell….with some reviewers comparing Williams to C.S. Lewis.” — Publishers Weekly

“I was immediately caught up in Tom Williams’s The Devil’s Mouth.  As a Christian, I was struck  by the powerful message to contemporary Christians: God did not create us for legalism. He created us for loving fellowship. The Devil’s Mouth is an engaging exploration of a fantastic and relevant world.” — Angela Hunt, author of Five Miles South of Peculiar

“Tom Williams has captured the medieval era with complex detail and page-turning accuracy.  Superb characterization held me spellbound throughout the story.” — Lori Copeland, author of When Love Comes My Way

“Intrigue abounds in this well-crafted tale of heroic sacrifice, romance, and the timeless battle between good and evil.  As grace wrestles against legalism, readers will find provocative theological analogies for today’s Christian.” — CBA Marketplace

“Williams creates a world of medieval wonder—a place where honor is the greatest value and love must conquer the rigid legalism that professes to represent God.” — Homelife Magazine

I am so excited about these books! I have read all of them and have loved them. They are engaging, gripping, and speak to truths that reach my heart. If I had to choose my favorite, it would be a tough choice between The Devil’s Mouth and The Crown of Eden. I think The Devil’s Mouth speaks of the damage of legalism and the power of God’s love expressed through his people. Of course, The Crown of Eden is just a masterpiece that encompasses everything I love in a book. A great hero, a beautiful heroine, adventure, love, suspense…it has it all. 

So check them out! If you are still hesitant, you can go to the Amazon links and click on the TRY A SAMPLE button. It will send you a small sample of the book to your Kindle and you can see why I am so excited about these books! 

What about you? What types of books do you read? Romance? Adventure? Non-fiction? Mystery? Why do you read what you do?


4 responses to “Trilogy of The Seven Kingdom Chronicles”

  1. I actually have The Devils Mouth and remember being interested in it. I didn't realize there were books before it though.
    Why do I read what I do??? I don't know, lol. I do like hopeful, uplifting endings though.


  2. Jessica, hopeful and uplifting is always a must for me!


  3. WOW! I had no idea your dad was an author!That's so awesome!


  4. Yes, he is, and he is an excellent writer! He also edits a lot of famous Christian authors…mostly non-fiction. 🙂


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