Fun With The Camera

I came home from lunch last week and found a woodpecker on the bird feeder. I was able to catch some cool pictures of him, even though it was through the glass door and rather cloudy.

I always have to take pictures of my daughter whenever I get to see her. She gets really tired of it, but I like to have pictures of her since I don’t get to see her very often. 🙂

Have a great weekend!


My Attempt At An Art Journal

I finally tried it. I have put it off for so long, spending time looking at art journal pages on Pinterest, wishing I could do something like the ones I have been pinning. But after my post yesterday at The Writer’s Alley on fearing failure, I decided to bite the bullet and at least try to do a page or two.

First I took a book with a hard cover and tore out every other page. I must say this was difficult for me, a book lover and reader extraordinaire. But creating something beautiful out of something I already love seemed like an okay thing to me. So I took a ruler, put it along the binding and tore the page against it. I DID keep the pages I tore out. I figured I could use them in the journal later….tearing them or cutting them into shapes.

Then I painted some gesso on two pages. This primes the page to accept paint better. I’ve seen YouTube videos where you don’t have to do this step, but I did to ensure the paint would work. (I’m sure I’ll experiment without the gesso later!)

Then I put a dab of blue and a dab of green on each page and spread the paint around the page with a really wet paint brush. Then I let it dry.

Then I sprayed some red Dylusions Spray Ink on each page and let it dry. Then I stamped a cross all over in black ink and used a stencil for the fleur de lis.  After it dried, I found some cool magazine images and pasted them on with mod podge. The cool thing about the mod podge was when it touched the red ink, it would smear the red. I played that up, spreading it further out. It was a nice surprise.

After the glue dried, I took a black pen and journaled a bit. Then I got a white paint pen and had some fun with swirls and outlining.

It’s kinda messy, but I am happy with how it turned out. For a first time, it was a success in my eyes. And I had so much fun!

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What Our Actions Say

Photo by stockimages

Have you thought about the power of your actions and the things you do? Do you ever think about what your actions say? Our actions reflect on who we are and the values that we hold. They speak to the world around us either a story of hope or a tale of woe.

As followers of Christ, we have been called to a higher standard of living. The standard is not a burden, but it can be confusing. Many of us would like a list of rules to follow, but the Bible, our guide to the Christian life, is not a rule book. Scripture is God’s way of telling us who we are, whose we are, and therefore how to live.

While the Old Testament listed out rules to follow, the gospel does not. The gospel is too big to be contained in a set of rules. The gospel that Jesus brought…his life lived…is the insight into the life we are to live.

Philipians 1:27-2:4 gives us a glimpse into this calling for a Kingdom life.

Unity: A life worthy of this calling is tied to Jesus’s church. We are told to “come together as one in mind and spirit and purpose, sharing in the same love.” Be as one. The collective body of believers is a power force in God’s kingdom. It can withstand the attacks of the evil one. It can move mountains. It can change the world. But it can only do it if it is united; united in love.

Opposition: Followers of Christ stand firm in the face of opposition. “Don’t be paralyzed in any way by what your opponents are doing. Your steadfast faith in the the face of opposition is a sign that they are doomed and that you have been graced with God’s salvation.”  We will face opposition as believers and we are to stand firm, holding to our faith in the One who is worth any and all kinds of suffering. There can be joy in the face of suffering and we must find it to show the world where our heart lies.

Being a follower of Christ is not a solitary effort. It is about being a part of a community, living life together, sharing the hope we have and the joy Christ offers. Am I looking to the needs of others or am I selfishly looking after myself? In this busy world, it is easy to huddle up in our own bubble, but we must make an effort to branch out and truly live the Kingdom life. A life where our actions speaks loud and clear who we are and Whose we are.

What are your actions saying?

**This message was given by Candace Nicolds are our church yesterday. Thank you Candance!


Outdoor Table Painted

I finally got my outdoor table painted. This is the table that my husband built out of pallet wood to go with the two chairs he had built for me earlier this summer.

My husband painting it white and I got busy with a stencil I had purchased earlier this year from Cutting Edge Stencils. They have the most awesome stencils for DIYing your furniture and home.

I used orange and red paint for the stenciled paisleys, but wasn’t real happy with the placement. It just seems a bit off balance to me. But I guess overall it looks okay and goes well with the chairs.

Here is a before pic.

And here is the table with the chairs.