Organizing…Where to Start?

I bet you have made a New Year’s resolution to get organized this year, haven’t you? Well, I did to. My goal is to restore order to my home and finances this year. So on Wednesdays, I’m going to share with you what I have done to get closer to my goal.

Pouring over all the Pinterest and blogs about organizing has gotten me both motivated and scared out of my mind! On the one hand, there are awesome sites out there to help you whip your life into a semblance of order and control. But on the other hand, it takes some work to begin to tackle the job of restoring order to your home. It’s scary! Where do you start?

I decided to take action and tackle on thing in my home that has been driving me crazy! The shoes in my closet. I share a closet with my husband and my shoes are on the top shelf. I can’t tell you how many times I have reached up to get a pair and several shoes fall on the top of my head. It doesn’t start my day off well, I can tell you this much. Here’s a look at the BEFORE picture:

To solve my problem, I headed to Family Dollar and purchased some plastic shoe boxes with lids and organized my shoes by season. Green lids for spring and summer. White lids for fall and winter. See the finished product…
Now I was ready to try something a little more involved. I was so excited to stumble upon something to help me organize my blogging schedule and I’m soooo excited to share it with you! I found a free printable blog planner created by Erica at Confessions of a Homeschooler. It is truly amazing, and I am hoping it will keep me more organized as a blogger. Check out what you get!
Yearly Calendar

Monthly Calendar with check
 boxes for if you have scheduled
 or shared the post with  social media

Blog Notes page with space for
 giveaways,  post ideas, and statistics.

Beautiful cover sheet (with a matching back cover)
Isn’t this brilliant? I have needed this for a LONG time and am thrilled to have found it. Now…I just have to USE it! 
This is my foray into simple organization. What tips do you have for me? What do you use to organize your blogging? (if you are a blogger).

8 responses to “Organizing…Where to Start?”

  1. You shoes look so nice and neat. And thanks for giving me a blog topic for tomorrow (-;


  2. I have so many of the plastic shoeboxes, but none of them hold shoes. Now there's a novel idea. It would save scrounging in my drawers for the pair I want to wear. I'm determined to get my basement cleaned and organized this year, even if it takes 6 months. Clutter is crowding and defeating.

    Love the blog organizer. My friend showed me her blog organizer the other day, so that's on my to-do list this week to be a more focused blogger.


  3. I need this blog organizer! And your closet looks great. I'm highly organized on some things and then it's like Monica's closet on Friends in others. Why is that? Great job, Sherrinda!


  4. Ooo, CJ, I will have to check out your blog to see what you are going to write about!


  5. LOL, Lisa, that is funny! I confess, I also have plastic shoeboxes that hold craft supplies. They are very handy!


  6. Jessica, whether or not I can stick with the organization remains to be seen. I think it takes soooo much work to get organized, but then it takes discipline to maintain. That is usually where I falter. 😉


  7. You and me both! I was going to do an organizing blog post in a week too! (Can I link to yours 🙂 I just organized my kitchen cupboards, pantry and toy closet and let me tell you, I'm addicted now. Also to Dollar Store plastic containers. They're remarkable! 🙂 I will be incorporating your shoe idea – ingenious! 🙂


  8. Sure you can link to mine. No problem. I need to redo my cupboards. They are atrocious! I am so pumped to get my house in order…I can't even tell you! I will definitely be checking out your blog, girl!


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