First Pictures With A DSLR Camera

My husband and I pooled our Christmas money and bought a good camera at Sam’s Club that will take uber awesome pictures! And this year, I am going to share with you my attempts at taking better pictures…so be amazed. (or just laugh…whatever)

I like how the background is a little fuzzy while the subject is clear.

I love that it takes good close ups without being blurry.
And here is what my camera can do if I just put it on auto focus and click as fast as I can! It helps that my sister is so photogenic. 

I love the Bokeh effect (blurry lights in the background). It happens when your subject is far away from lights and you do a close up on your subject. I tried it with my dog, Titus, but he wasn’t far enough away annnnd I wasn’t close enough to him. I will have to experiment a bit more on that.

So there you have my first foray into the land of digital photography. I don’t want to become a professional or anything. I just want to learn to take great pictures for me. (Some day I will have grandchildren who will need to be documented with they are with their Nana or whatever they are going to call me!)

Do you have a good camera? How did you learn to take great pictures? 

8 responses to “First Pictures With A DSLR Camera”

  1. Great photos, Sherrinda! (Also, this is the first time I've been to your blog since its fun redesign. Very cool!) Um, I just take photos on my iPhone. However, back when I worked at the newspaper I got to use the sweetest Nikon…miss that camera!


  2. Love the berries in the snow. I have an old Kodak digital. Have thought about getting something smaller, sleeker. I really need a camera with a PH,D button. Push here, duh…darlin' so can't quite justify the expense of a new camera.


  3. I have a T-total crappy camera, but these are amazing! Your sister looks likes lots of fun! Next time I need headshots, I know who to call! 🙂


  4. Thanks, Melissa! I have seen such awesome pictures taken with iphones. I don't have a smart phone, but I have heard that instagram has some fun editing tools to make your photos look cool.


  5. CJ…I had no idea what a PH.D button is. lol But that is the beauty of my camera. It has that capability! Yayyyy!


  6. I've had tons of yucky cameras. We have bought 4 or 5 over that past 10 years. They either break or get dumped in the river…sigh. That's one of the reasons we decided to wait until we got the money to get a better camera that will last. I will have grandkids coming in the next few years, I hope, and will need something to take pictures of the most beautiful kids in the world! 🙂


  7. What a way to start a new year, Sherrinda. With pictures!! I've had “little” that work really well when we first buy them. They tend to wear out fast. My daughter found a great camera on Amazon by Fujifilm. I'm playing with it (she left it behind when she left to go back to her job) and I think I like it. Hmmm, I'm kinda broke right now, but maybe after taxes I'll be looking into a model of my own…

    BTW, great site,Sherrinda! I've been snooping around and finding great things. LOVED, the blog calendar!!!

    I'll be back again!!!


  8. Audra!!! Thanks for stopping by! I redid my blog over the Christmas break. I still need to organize all my labels so that the posts feed into the pages correctly. But…other things call my name right now.

    You would definitely love a good camera. It is my prized possession right now and I love learning how to capture great pictures. It's so much fun! Get that book finished and sold and you can get a camera of your own. 😉


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