Household Notebook…Order to the Home

Since I went back to work 10 years ago, my housework has suffered. It’s just harder to have the time and energy to keep a clean, organized home when you spend most of your day outside of the house. One of my goals this year is to get my house in order, so I have done some digging around the internet and found some great ideas.

The first thing I am doing is setting up a Household Notebook. This will be my go-to for everything. I found a great organizing site called Organized Home that shows you how to set up a Household Notebook to keep you organized. It gives very detailed instructions on setting one up and even has free printables for things such as Menu Planning, Grocery Lists, Daily To-Do Lists, etc… Also, the site Life Your Way has some great printables for a Household Notebook. Here is a few things I purchased to get me started.

I purchased a large binder, 3-hole punched folders with pockets, sheet protectors, business card pages, tab dividers, and stick on tab labels. I also bought a 3 hole punch for all the printables, in case I didn’t want to put them in the sheet protectors.

I confess I haven’t completely finished my notebook, but here is what it looks like so far. I’ve set up tabs and printed out the Printables that I wanted to use. I took pictures of a few for you to see.

I haven’t filled anything out yet…obviously, but I am slowly but surely getting organized. It WILL happen, I assure you!

So how do you keep your home organized? What is the best thing you do to keep on top of all your chores?

8 responses to “Household Notebook…Order to the Home”

  1. I try to follow The FlyLady at She has suggestions for the notebook which she calls the control journal. House is divided into zones and each week you work on a task in a zone.


  2. Can I just say if I made this notebook, it would become a dust collector! I'm good about setting up for organization but then I always flake out! This looks awesome and I'm going to post it on my BFF's FB wall b/c she does all kinds of things like this.

    Great job, Sherrinda!

    To stay organized at home, I do create lists and most of them are on magnetic white boards in the kitchen. It works. I also use my phone “notes” app for grocery lists, menus. I use the calendar on my phone for appointments etc…


  3. That looks awesome, Sherrinda. I would love to have someone just keep everything organized for me…thus, my dream of one day having a housekeeper. Or a husband who really, really likes to keep house. Haha!! The best thing I do to stay on top of my chores…umm…

    Well, I do make a lot of lists. That helps. I don't always accomplish everything on my lists, but sometimes just making a list helps. 🙂


  4. Oooo, FlyLady! I have heard about them. I will definitely check them out…thanks for the reminder.


  5. LOL…Jessica, you crack me up! I have to confess that deep down, I fear that it might be a dust collector for me as well. BUT, I am going to give it a go and see if I can keep my head above water.

    I like your idea of magnetic white boards…maybe I should try something like that. 🙂


  6. Oh Melissa…to have a housekeeper would be the ultimate dream for me. But, I am married to a minister, so I suppose I will never have the fund to put toward that!

    I think part of my problem is that I am NOT a list maker and NEED to be. Maybe I will get in the habit and KEEP it.


  7. Sherrinda, I went back to work full time six years ago and I'm still looking for that magic lamp housing my cleaning genie, LOL! Luckily, my oldest is out of college and gainfully employed and my youngest is in college and out of the house. One would think the house could stay reasonably clean with my just my husband and myself…wouldn't one??

    Lucky for me, I embrace the concept of dust being a country accent and never bring dishware into the house that isn't dishwasher safe.

    My biggest issue is mail. It just piles up. I try to throw it away as soon as I determine it's not important, but the pesky things have a mind of their own.

    Please call ahead if you plan to drop in for a visit…


  8. Audra!!!! Say it isn't so!!! The house doesn't stay straight after the kids leave home?????

    I'm doomed! sigh….

    Mail is also my headache. I cannot keep it organized. I was hoping you might shed some light for me.

    What I need is to afford a housekeeper!


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