Are We Deserving?

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 What goes through a person’s mind when they make a promise to someone who doesn’t deserve it? What kind of person makes a deal with a bad guy?

God does.

He is a God of covenants and makes them over and over with flawed people like you and me. From the very beginning, He made promises to people who would fail him, but He loves His creation so much, he chooses to enter into a relationship with us and commit to us 100%.

Take Noah, for example, God destroys the earth because of the wickedness but promises Noah and His whole creation that he will never destroy the earth by water again. So what does Noah do? He plants a vineyard, gets drunk, passes out naked, and his kid makes fun of him. Deserving of covenant, huh?

How about Abraham? God promises to make a great nation of his line, he and Sarah lie about their relationship to a neighboring king so that the king won’t kill Abraham for Sarah’s hand in marriage. They don’t trust God enough to be honest. God is going to build a nation of distrusting people? Yep.

How about David? He is chosen by God to be King of Israel, yet later commits adultery and has the husband murdered. Did God chose wisely? Of course he did, He is God.

We all are flawed people, just like those God made covenants with in the Old Testament. And what is so awesome is that God wants to have a close relationship with us messed up humans. He wants us to come to Him and converse, and He wants to talk right back to us.

He promises to be us and hold us up. He promises to love us and catch us when we fall. He is Father God. He is Rapha Healer. He is the King of Kings and wants us in his Kingdom forever and always.

Sigh…what a GREAT GOD.

**Thanks again, to a great preacher of the Word, John Ketchersid of the Plymouth Park Church of Christ. You always speak truths from God’s Word each and every Sunday! I love learning from you.

6 responses to “Are We Deserving?”

  1. Yes!! So true! And great message. 🙂


  2. I am sighing with you! Great stuff…and yep, great preaching. I take such comfort from these people of the Bible. Gives hope to this greatly flawed one!


  3. The “greats” in the Bible certainly weren't perfect, which is very reassuring to me! 🙂


  4. I, too, love the hope it brings, Jessica! I sadly, I have to be reminded of this over and over.


  5. Jill, there is such great hope in knowing we are not alone in our “messy-ness”!


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