Amazon Prime VS Netflix

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I’ve had a membership with Netflix for about 6 years and have loved it. I had it when it was just the DVD envelopes, then switched to the streaming. For $7.99, I could get unlimited streaming! What a deal!

But then I began to hear about Amazon Prime. It costs $79 a year and you basically get all the same movies and TV shows that Netflix has.

So how do they compare side by side?

Amazon Prime
$79 per year; 1 time payment
$7.99 per month = $95.88 per year
One free Kindle book lending per month. Choose from over 5,000 ebooks.
Can opt for DVD rentals shipped to you; Additional $11.99 per month
Free 2 day shipping on Prime products
More older movies to choose from
Over 5,000 movies/tv shows to choose from.
Over 35,000 movies to choose from (many Bollywood and foreign films)
Can rent new releases for $1.99-$9.99.
Easier searching in categories
Can watch in SD or HD on select titles

This is in no way an extensive comparison, but it is what I found in my research to determine what would be best for me and my family.

I went with the Amazon Prime and so far, I love it! I’ve already utilized the free 2 day shipping and I have been watching a TV series that I have been wanting to see that hasn’t been available on Netflix. Score!

This is the beginning of my quest to reduce my expenses and save money. I hope to share with you more of my money saving finds and ways to improve the quality of my household.

So what have you found to help lower the cost of living at your house?

9 responses to “Amazon Prime VS Netflix”

  1. I'm late to the party and just got Netflix. Still in the middle of the 30 day free title. Got it because I was tired of watching BBC America butcher my favorite Doctor Who eps. So tell me, does Amazon have Doctor Who including classic Doctor Who? Does Amazon offer a free trial period? And then, I'll have to see if the new blu-ray DVD player that I made Himself buy so I could watch Netflix in the bedroom, has an Amazon icon.


  2. Drive less places. LOL I watch shows online a lot too. Nice deal! Thanks for pointing out the comparables…I didn't know about Prime.


  3. I've found that if I make a menu for the week (after seeing what all I have available) then purchasing only what's on the menu, plus lunch items for kids, I can save a bundle. Plus, we're firm believer's in Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace, so we use cash. If I use my debit at the store, I'll come home with more Oreos, Little Debbie's, 20 brands of chips and dips! lol It really does save us 100's of dollars.


  4. I'm so hooked on Amazon Prime. The two-day shipping is my best friend. 🙂


  5. CJ, I have thoroughly enjoyed Netflix and I'm sure you would love it. Yes, they do have all seasons of Dr. who, as well as the classic Dr. Who. It is all free to watch except for the last seasons of each. If you want to watch them, it is like $1.99 or $2.99 per episode. I'm positive the new DVD player would allow for Amazon if it allows Netflix.


  6. Ha! Jessica, you are so funny! You should definitely check out Prime…it's a pretty good deal.


  7. Oh that is such a smart thing to do, Jessica. Seriously, when I go to the store without a plan, it becomes a free for all! lol Not good for the checkbook or the waistline. 😉


  8. Yes, indeed, Melissa! I'm loving it!


  9. It does along with a whole bunch more of sites I never even heard of.


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