DIY Painting Redos

Spring Break has been great for my creative bent. I have done a few painting redos this week that have just made me giddy. I’ve been trying to lighten up my bedroom, a little at a time, and decided to paint my lamps. They were your normal buffet lamps and were fine, but I thought painting them white would make them pop a bit. I also found a couple of burlap lamp shades for $5 each at Dollar General. I wrote some scripture on them and think they turned out okay. What do you think?

After I got that finished, I decided to spray paint an old basket that was out in the garage. I used an avacado green colored paint to pick up the green in the throw pillows on my bed. It turned out better than I thought it would. (And yes, I am using it to store hand towels and toilet paper! There is NO storage in my bathroom!)

I’m working on a wooden chair that was terribly scratched. I painted it black and am now throwing all kinds of color on it in various designs. It will be my fun chair to be used to pay bills and such. Hopefully I can share the finished product next week!

So what have you done during Spring Break? Anything fun? Productive?

2 responses to “DIY Painting Redos”

  1. Love your redos, Sherrinda! I have lamps very similar to yours in my living room. With spring on its way, I have the urge to freshen things around my house.


  2. The lamps came out great!


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