No More Google Reader???

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When I heard that Google was doing away with Google Reader, I was shocked. Disappointed. Scared. I read tons of blogs in my Google Reader! What will I do?

I immediately googled what readers would be a good replacement for Google Reader. I read this and this and this. I had also heard that Bloglovin is a good reader. After much perusal, I decided to go with Feedly.

Feedly can give you a variety of ways to view the blogs that you read. Here is the way that is similar to Google Reader. It can expand the whole post in the feeder. Another cool thing about Feedly is that you can add it to your toolbar for easy access.

Here is Feedly with the “tiled” layout. You get a snapshot of each blog post in your feeder.

Another good thing about Feedly is that there is an app for your iphone and you reader Feedly on Kindles!

It is easy to import your blogs from Google Reader into Feedly. Just a click of a button. And Feedly is ready to take over your feeds when Google Reader disappears on July 1, 2013.

So have you decided what Reader you are going to move to (if you are currently using Google Reader)? 

13 responses to “No More Google Reader???”

  1. I got Feedly, too. I love Google Reader, though. It will be hard to change!


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  3. Thank you sooooo much for this post! I was just wondering what I was gonna do and as a non-techy person, I was feeling some panic. 🙂 I'm bookmarking this post!


  4. I just read your post in Feedly, so I thought I'd hop over to say that I've switched to Feedly! 🙂


  5. I gulped when I learned Google Reader is being eliminated. I've heard others say Feedly is the best alternative, so I'll be switching to it.


  6. I didn't know blog readers existed. Wow. Thanks for the heads up and I better start scouting out what's available for the specific task I didn't even was catered to, LOL!


  7. I was freaking out as well and just downloaded FEEDLY today…still trying to get the hang of it 😉


  8. Courtney, it was kind of confusing when I first started using it, but when I just click on the ALL (on the left side of the screen) it looks just like google reader to me. Have fun exploring it!


  9. Yes, it is a little different, but I'm sure we will adjust! We always do!


  10. Your welcome, Jessica! Feedly can look a little different, but then when you click ALL on the left side of the screen, it can look just like google reader.


  11. Awesome! It doesn't seem a whole lot different. I mean, you can change the look drastically, but it can look alot like google reader. 🙂


  12. Yay, Keli! It's won't be too hard of a switch. 😉


  13. Oh goodness, Audra! You are better than me. I probably spend too much time reading blogs. I'm sorry I introduced you to it!!! Now you won't be as productive….lol.


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