Early Mother’s Day

I got an early Mother’s Day present with the arrival of my daughter for a couple of days! She came in around noon on Monday and left at 7 pm Tuesday night…a day and a half of pure heaven for this momma. I don’t know what made this visit so sweet, but it really was.

Monday night we cooked lasagna and John made a tiramisu for dessert. May I just say…delicious!

And Mark was home for supper and I was able to grab a picture of him and Elyssa.

Tuesday morning I got to eat breakfast with all my kiddos! What a treat, though we missed having John, Kelly, and Carlos with us. I did have an awesome time, full of laughter and good food.

After breakfast, my sweet daughter took me shopping at Sam Moon’s and bought me a pair of sunglasses and 2 beautiful earrings for Mother’s Day. I love them, but truly, the best gift was her presence with me. She brings such life and laughter wherever she goes. I am blessed. Blessed to not only have a wonderful daughter, but blessed to have three sons who are such gentlemen and spoil their mother.

My heart is full and overflowing…thank you, LORD.

8 responses to “Early Mother’s Day”

  1. Such a beautiful family


  2. Perfect. You have a beautiful family, Sherrinda! Happy Mother's Day!


  3. I'm glad you had such a great time with your kids. You have a lovely family, Sherrinda.


  4. Thank you, CJ! I am always to happy to be with them all.


  5. Thanks, Jessica! I hope yours is as awesome as mine!


  6. Thank you, Keli! Isn't it wonderful when they come home for a bit?


  7. Aw! The fourth picture makes me miss my brother, he only makes it home once or twice a year. Although I can't see him giving me a hug like that, more like pulling my hat off and holding out of my reach…on second thought maybe I don't miss him. 😉
    Happy Mother's Day!


  8. Siblings are such a fabulous thing! I love seeing my kids together, having fun, cracking jokes, and just enjoying each other. Sounds like your brother is a bunch of fun!!! Hope your Mother's Day was wonderful!


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