Back From Seclusion

I’m back from seclusion. It wasn’t a planned vacation from blogging, but I found I was dry. I had nothing to say. Nothing to share. So I just didn’t.

But I am feeling refreshed and ready to give a little.

I have been on vacation this week since the school district I work for shuts down during the week of the 4th. I have used the week to rest, watch movies, read, and spend with family. When we went to Granbury yesterday for the 4th, I pulled out my camera and shot a few pictures. Some turned out pretty cool and I thought I’d share.

So what have you been up to?

5 responses to “Back From Seclusion”

  1. Nice photos. What are the purple flowers?


  2. The purple flowers are Salvia if I'm not mistaken. I love them. They seem to survive the summer here in Ohio and still look good. Butterflies love them, probably bees too. We don't have any this year and I miss them.
    Thanks for sharing the lovely photos and welcome back. I've been gone as well and am just resurfacing. Seemed I didn't have anything to say and could not make myself produce anything so I just quit trying. Now I'm rejuvenated and ready to tackle writing again.
    Best always to you!


  3. Thanks, CJ. The flowers really do look like Blue Salvia, like Barb said, but this is a huge bush…like all the way to the eaves of the house! I took these pictures at my mom's house, so I really don't know what the flower is! I'll find out and get back with you.


  4. Barb, trying to find something to say when I had nothing became such a drudgery to me. It took all the fun out of blogging. I'm so glad you are rejuvenated after your break! There's nothing like having energy again, is there?


  5. When the well is dry — the well is dry. If you don't back off, you'll never be refreshed. Glad you took a break, Sherrinda : )

    Gorgeous pictures. I love the shadowing on the stump (driftwood?). My family gave me a camera for my birthday back in March. It's a few steps beyond point and shoot, but not into the interchangeable lens. See? I don't even know terminology, LOL! Anyway, it's fun to play with. I enjoy watching you play with your camera. I think I'm learning something from you : )

    Glad you're back!!


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