The Lord Is Raising Up A New Generation

Photo by markuso

The prophet Elijah despaired of seeing God’s people turn back to Him. He believed he was the last prophet and all hope ended with him.

But God is bigger than Elijah’s doomsday view.

God brought forth Elisha to receive a double portion of Elijah’s spirit. Now the language here is inheritance language, as a double portion signified what was given to the heir of the family. Elisha is proclaimed heir to Elijah’s legacy of prophesying… a different kind of prophet.

Where Elijah was a loner, Elisha was a people person. Where Elijah was depressive, Elisha was more upbeat.

God was raising up a new prophet for a new day. 

And He will again and again, for each generation.

We may think Christianity is coming to an end. We may think things cannot get worse for the church. But though things grow dim, God’s Spirit is still working in His creation. He will continue to raise up souls to further His kingdom here on this earth.

Look around you at those younger than you. Who do you see with God’s fingerprints all over them?

Who will become His voice for this new generation? 

Let’s bless this new generation. Let’s encourage and love the ones coming of age, giving them room to grow and serve in His church and His kingdom. Nurturing the future is being Christ in this world, giving hope for the growth of God’s kingdom now and generations to come.

Who can you bless today? 

**Adapted from John Ketchersid’s sermon July 7, 2013.**

2 responses to “The Lord Is Raising Up A New Generation”

  1. Great post, Sherrinda, and the answer to who I can bless today: my coworkers. It's Monday, so we need a little cheer around the office. 🙂


  2. Thanks, Melissa. I hear ya about MOndays being a day our coworkers need a little cheer. Sometimes the morale at work is lagging and everyone needs a blessing.


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