Fun With The Camera

I came home from lunch last week and found a woodpecker on the bird feeder. I was able to catch some cool pictures of him, even though it was through the glass door and rather cloudy.

I always have to take pictures of my daughter whenever I get to see her. She gets really tired of it, but I like to have pictures of her since I don’t get to see her very often. 🙂

Have a great weekend!

2 responses to “Fun With The Camera”

  1. Beautiful pictures. You have great talent. Thanks for posting them.


  2. Thanks, Katy! It is just one of my fun little hobbies. John loves watching the birds and mentioned he saw a woodpecker one day, so when I saw it, I grabbed the camera and started shooting. He posted the one with the woodpecker and little sparrow fussing at each other on the Audubon Society.


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