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Documented Life Project, Week 14

The prompt for Week 14 of The Documented Life Project was to use your name on your page. Hhhmmmm, my name was definitely not going to fit oriented portrait style. I had to use the page Landscape style.  This is my spread for week 14.

For the background, I used one of the prints I made with a gelli plate I made over the weekend. Now THAT was fun! I’ve been reading about gelli plates all over the blogosphere and decided to make my own. The flowers in my spread were also cut out of a background I did with the gelli plate.

Using the gelli plate was easy but I know there is a lot more to learn using stencils and other types of masking for prints. Here is peek into my printing…I used deli paper so that my Documented Life journal wouldn’t be so bulky once I started incorporating the prints into it.

On this next set, I used cards stock and only rolled one color at a time, instead of several colors. I also used a large stamp with writing on it to stamp the color before I printed. It had interest effects…

Now I have some cool papers to use in my art journal. Not sure how I will incorporate them, but at least I have options!

Oh…and I decided to paint the cover of my journal. I put gesso down to prime it, then used some spray inks, acrylics, and unibal pens. I did seal it with a matt gel medium, but I have a feeling my little cover is going to chip alot before the year is over. I’m trying to tell myself that just gives it character. We shall see…

Have a great Monday!

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Documented Life Week 13…with Caleb’s Help!

The prompt for Week 13 in The Documented Life Project is to have someone draw in your journal and then finish it. We were on our way to Dallas to see my son Caleb’s new rent house when I saw the prompt. Luckily I had my journal with me and had him draw something in it during lunch. We took him to Burger Island, so I’m thinking that influenced the picture he drew in my journal. I love it!

Here is what he drew. (The page has some green paint on it from when I painted last’s week’s pages, but it will blend in when I put color on the page.)

Fun, huh? When I got home, I took some Neocolor crayons and colored the page. Then I used a waterbrush to “loosen” the pigment. It is like watercolor! So much fun and it is so incredibly easy! And NO mess!

After it dried, I used bubble wrap to dab some white paint over the blank areas. Then I used a black paint pen and did the lettering and added black dots and a border. Using a Signo Uniball White pen, I added detail to the letters and some dots here and there.

Sometimes you just have to eat an awesome greasy hamburger! I do believe that is my favorite food ever.

Here is the open spread ready for my week ahead. Gotta document my life….you never know what exciting things may happen!

Have an awesome week!

My Documented Life

My Documented Life Week #12

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, I went GREEN in My Documented Life journal. A chartreuse green no less! The prompt for the week was to cut out items from magazines to incorporate into your page. Well, I don’t know what I was thinking when I made my page, because it turned out a little bizarre. I guess I was still thinking green when I saw the gecko and decided I had to use him. Here is my spread…

Have an awesome week!


My Documented Life Project

Many of you may have heard about this, but I have just stumbled upon it and am hooked. Basically it is the brain child of Art to the 5th, a group of 5 artists who have begun this project. It is part planner, part journal, and part art journal. It brings it all together, allowing you to document your life in a beautiful way. A great keepsake for our family to look at years after you’re gone. 🙂 (kinda morbid, huh?)

The journal is made of a Moleskin 12 month weekly planner. Every spread includes a week at a glance on one page and a lined page for journaling. Then you tape in a piece of watercolor paper with washi tape to flip in over the journal page. (For the purpose of privacy, I did not include my journal page.)

I jumped in at Week 10 and the prompt for the week was All About Me. You work up a page that tells a bit about yourself. So here is my first attempt at the Documented Life.

And for this week…Week 11…the prompt was to incorporate a bird into your spread. So I took a Peter Pan quote, used some old painted papers to make the bird, and ta-da…another page.

I think what I like is being able to write down things that happened so that someday I can look back and really remember the details. And the art…well, it can be messy and fun. It doesn’t have to be perfect. It’s a place to play and explore and be creative.

Good times.

Can I just say that I am loving my Spring Break? I soooo needed to relax and be creative. Wish I could do it all the time!


Starting My Season of Lent

Photo by Stuart Miles

Today is Ash Wednesday and marks the beginning of Lent. While not practiced in the denomination I belong to, I am going to participate in Lent this year. I’ve read a bit about Lent and what it means and I think it is a wonderful tradition among the people who practice it.

Lent is a period of time set aside for reflection on Jesus Christ, his life, death, burial, and resurrection. It is a time of fasting, repentance, moderation, and self-denial. As Christians, we are to focus on our Savior daily, but I like the idea of a special period of time where the Church worldwide is participating together in repentance and reflection on Jesus. It makes me feel a part of something big and important.

So after much thought and prayer, I’ve decided to give up something that will be extremely difficult for me. 

I am going to give up NEGATIVITY.

Right, you heard me. You thought I was going to say chocolate or TV or Facebook or Diet Dr. Pepper. Nope. While all of those things would be difficult for me, I have decided to do something that would really focus inward and hopefully transform my thought processes.

I’ve slipped into negativity in all areas of my life…work, home, play…I have become Debbie Downer. And I don’t even like me much of the time anymore. I’m sure those around me have struggled with my negativity as well. (I love you, John, for putting up with me.)

So today I embark on my season of Lent. I am giving up all forms of negativity…

  • Gossip
  • Complaining
  • Sarcasm (my particular favorite)
  • Whining
  • Glass half-empty thinking
  • ___________ ????
I won’t be perfect at it, but I am going to try. 
If you participate in Lent, what are you giving up? If you don’t, what would you give up if you did?

One Little Word, personal

My One Little Word Canvas

The assignment for One Little Word (OLW) this month was to create a vision board for our chosen word. We were to look through magazines and choose words, phrases or pictures that spoke to us in regards to our word. Then we were to glue them to a canvas as a vision board.

It was a great exercise to go through as the words that spoke to me were not the words that I had originally thought of when I thought of my word, ANTICIPATE. Words such as craving, revelation, awakening…all things that I long for in my spiritual life.

I decided to paint the background of the canvas instead of leaving it blank. I love color and it makes me happy. After all the color, stamps, and spray inks had dried, I arranged my words on the page and thought it needed a focal point. So I printed out my chosen quote for my OLW, glued it in the middle, then glued all the words around it.

I think it turned out rather nice and will be a great reminder for me throughout the year.