My One Little Word Canvas

The assignment for One Little Word (OLW) this month was to create a vision board for our chosen word. We were to look through magazines and choose words, phrases or pictures that spoke to us in regards to our word. Then we were to glue them to a canvas as a vision board.

It was a great exercise to go through as the words that spoke to me were not the words that I had originally thought of when I thought of my word, ANTICIPATE. Words such as craving, revelation, awakening…all things that I long for in my spiritual life.

I decided to paint the background of the canvas instead of leaving it blank. I love color and it makes me happy. After all the color, stamps, and spray inks had dried, I arranged my words on the page and thought it needed a focal point. So I printed out my chosen quote for my OLW, glued it in the middle, then glued all the words around it.

I think it turned out rather nice and will be a great reminder for me throughout the year.

4 responses to “My One Little Word Canvas”

  1. Besides your words, the colors will be a great pick-me-up on grey days


  2. Yes, indeed, CJ! I know the trend right now is clean, grays, simple, but I love messy, bold, and colorful. I may always be a misfit. πŸ˜‰


  3. Sherrinda, I love all the colors surrounding your words. Adds vibrancy and life. And afterall, isn't that what ANTICIPATE is all about? Anticipate great things this year, girlfriend! They're coming your way.


  4. Thanks, Audra!! LOL I just now noticed that my WORD is misspelled! LOL That is hilarious and soooo me. I do anticipate mess ups this year too. πŸ™‚


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