My Documented Life Project

Many of you may have heard about this, but I have just stumbled upon it and am hooked. Basically it is the brain child of Art to the 5th, a group of 5 artists who have begun this project. It is part planner, part journal, and part art journal. It brings it all together, allowing you to document your life in a beautiful way. A great keepsake for our family to look at years after you’re gone. 🙂 (kinda morbid, huh?)

The journal is made of a Moleskin 12 month weekly planner. Every spread includes a week at a glance on one page and a lined page for journaling. Then you tape in a piece of watercolor paper with washi tape to flip in over the journal page. (For the purpose of privacy, I did not include my journal page.)

I jumped in at Week 10 and the prompt for the week was All About Me. You work up a page that tells a bit about yourself. So here is my first attempt at the Documented Life.

And for this week…Week 11…the prompt was to incorporate a bird into your spread. So I took a Peter Pan quote, used some old painted papers to make the bird, and ta-da…another page.

I think what I like is being able to write down things that happened so that someday I can look back and really remember the details. And the art…well, it can be messy and fun. It doesn’t have to be perfect. It’s a place to play and explore and be creative.

Good times.

Can I just say that I am loving my Spring Break? I soooo needed to relax and be creative. Wish I could do it all the time!

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