Documented Life Week 13…with Caleb’s Help!

The prompt for Week 13 in The Documented Life Project is to have someone draw in your journal and then finish it. We were on our way to Dallas to see my son Caleb’s new rent house when I saw the prompt. Luckily I had my journal with me and had him draw something in it during lunch. We took him to Burger Island, so I’m thinking that influenced the picture he drew in my journal. I love it!

Here is what he drew. (The page has some green paint on it from when I painted last’s week’s pages, but it will blend in when I put color on the page.)

Fun, huh? When I got home, I took some Neocolor crayons and colored the page. Then I used a waterbrush to “loosen” the pigment. It is like watercolor! So much fun and it is so incredibly easy! And NO mess!

After it dried, I used bubble wrap to dab some white paint over the blank areas. Then I used a black paint pen and did the lettering and added black dots and a border. Using a Signo Uniball White pen, I added detail to the letters and some dots here and there.

Sometimes you just have to eat an awesome greasy hamburger! I do believe that is my favorite food ever.

Here is the open spread ready for my week ahead. Gotta document my life….you never know what exciting things may happen!

Have an awesome week!

3 responses to “Documented Life Week 13…with Caleb’s Help!”

  1. Fun! Have an awesome week!


  2. Wow, your son is a good artist! Have a great week!


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