Documented Life Project, Week 14

The prompt for Week 14 of The Documented Life Project was to use your name on your page. Hhhmmmm, my name was definitely not going to fit oriented portrait style. I had to use the page Landscape style.  This is my spread for week 14.

For the background, I used one of the prints I made with a gelli plate I made over the weekend. Now THAT was fun! I’ve been reading about gelli plates all over the blogosphere and decided to make my own. The flowers in my spread were also cut out of a background I did with the gelli plate.

Using the gelli plate was easy but I know there is a lot more to learn using stencils and other types of masking for prints. Here is peek into my printing…I used deli paper so that my Documented Life journal wouldn’t be so bulky once I started incorporating the prints into it.

On this next set, I used cards stock and only rolled one color at a time, instead of several colors. I also used a large stamp with writing on it to stamp the color before I printed. It had interest effects…

Now I have some cool papers to use in my art journal. Not sure how I will incorporate them, but at least I have options!

Oh…and I decided to paint the cover of my journal. I put gesso down to prime it, then used some spray inks, acrylics, and unibal pens. I did seal it with a matt gel medium, but I have a feeling my little cover is going to chip alot before the year is over. I’m trying to tell myself that just gives it character. We shall see…

Have a great Monday!

3 responses to “Documented Life Project, Week 14”

  1. You colors are so bright and happy on this dreary, rainy Monday


  2. in English, that would be your colors…


  3. Oh my goodness, those are so cool! Why can't I be crafty?!?! 🙂


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