Rainy Day Worship

Photo by worradmu

I must confess. I did not want to go to church yesterday. It was cool in my bedroom and I was warm under the covers. Rain beat a gentle rhythm against the roof while thunder rumbled it’s own tune. It was the perfect morning for sleeping in.

But the day was the Lord’s day, not mine. And I’m so glad I trudged out of bed and got myself to church. I love going to church and experiencing God there. I don’t always “feel” Him close like I do at other times, but I always enjoy being with Christ followers who join with me in sitting at the foot of the cross, learning more about the LORD I seek to be like.

Of course, God always impresses truths on my heart through various times in the service. During the communion message I was struck by the thought of Jesus washing his disciples feet…the very ones who would desert him…the very ones who would deny him. Oh, the love of the Jesus runs deep.

During the sermon, John talked about life’s pathways being complex and multifaceted. Pilate had a decision to make regarding Jesus. Set him free and incur the wrath of the Jews? Or hand him over and go against his conscience, knowing Jesus to be innocent. The Jews had a decision as well. Release Barabbas or Jesus? Barabbas was a criminal. Jesus was…well Jesus was encroaching on their territory…ultimately, their pride.  So what do they do? They want to crucify Jesus. The claimed that they had no king but Caesar. What??? They would lay claim to a king that they detested? A king that was unclean? Decisions are not always easy. But there is something to be learned through these scenarios.

We need to learn to humble ourselves and set aside our view of how things should be. Sometimes instead of turning right or left at the fork in the road, we need to turn around and repent. We mustn’t put our trust in ourselves, our knowledge or experience, or church traditions, or political agendas. We must put our trust in the LORD.

Life is all about Him. Loving Him. Loving people. Living a life in relationship with Him. Living a life in relationship with others. It’s about using our gifts and talents to bless others, seeking to please Him in all we do. Sigh….now that is good living.

I’m really glad I didn’t sleep in today.

2 responses to “Rainy Day Worship”

  1. That is good living!!!! Hope you're doing well, Sherrinda! 🙂


  2. Hi Jessica! I am doing well! Last year was a bugger and this year has been awesome. Nothing spectacular…just good because of who I belong to. 🙂


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