Documented Life Project Week 16 annnnd Happy Mail!

It’s been a crazy week and I’m behind in my journal spread, but I thought I would share what I’ve done so far. The prompt for the week was to use something off of a cardboard food box in your pantry. I grabbed a green tea box and cut the Chinese (I guess it is Chinese!) letter off. I had some stamps that I incorporated as well. It is rather busy, but I suppose I like it okay. I did use one of my gelli prints for a border on the left, which I really liked.

I signed up for the Documented Life Planner Pages workshop and loved it. I tried to make a messy planner page, instead of coloring each day’s space separately. I like it, but I think I will like it better once I add some mixed media items like stickers or tags or something to “dress it up”.

Here is the  whole spread, which I haven’t done anything with yet. I just painted the background. It will look alot better once I finish it with some mixed media items. Just not enough time in my days this week. 

Oh! I did sign up for Happy Mail and I received THREE pieces of happy mail this week!! Basically, it is a huge group of people who share some of their stash of painted papers, ephemera (old book pages, maps, sheet music for backgrounds), scrapbook goodies, etc to use in their Documented Life Journal. It is such a fun way to get new stuff for your journal. You just need to reciprocate once you receive mail. (That’s the hard part for me, because I don’t have cool stuff like others do!)

Have a wonderful weekend and a blessed Easter Sunday.

One response to “Documented Life Project Week 16 annnnd Happy Mail!”

  1. You pages look great with or without embellishments. Happy Easter!


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