My Documented Life – Week 17

Shoes! The prompt for Week 17 of The Documented Life Project was to incorporate your favorite shoes onto your page. My current favorite is a pair of canvas shoes. So comfortable and a bit fun. I didn’t do a full journal page, but did some journal cards to do a little journaling. It was a good week.

This last picture is blurry, but it lets you see the layout of all the pages. I’m sure loving this project. It is so relaxing to work on it in the evenings after a long day of work and I love the feeling of creating something to look back on to remember my days….my documented life.

Have a happy Monday!

2 responses to “My Documented Life – Week 17”

  1. I enjoy seeing your pages. I'm not sure I'd be able to keep up with the project. I'd spend way too much time playing with the background pages and layers. Love your happy shoes. I just bought a pair of Sketchers boat shoes for the summer. Hopefully, they will be as comfy as my Crocs.


  2. Thanks, CJ! I bet you could soooo do the DLP!!! You are so talented and would make the most awesome journal. I love Sketchers AND Crocs. They are my favorite comfy shoes. I tend to put supports in the canvas shoes to make my feet happy. 🙂


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