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The Power of One Young Man

Last evening I attended my youngest son’s Baccalaureate service at his high school. It was your normal fare of scripture reading, a special message, and prayer, but it is what happened during one special song that made the event a special one.

A talented senior brought out a guitar, called his classmates to worship the Lord with him, then sung the song “Oceans” by Hillsong. This lyrics of this song are a perfect call to graduates to cling to the Lord even when feet may fail (on the ocean). It was moving, to say the least.

Yet what happened in the middle of the song gave me goose-bumps and brought tears to my eyes. A brave young man rose to his feet. He didn’t raise his hands or dance in his seat. He stood. He stood with his hands clasped in front of him. He stood in honor…in honor of the One and Only.

It couldn’t have been easy for him. There were many graduates in the crowd who were Christians, yet he was the lone soul who stood to honor his Lord. No one else rose to stand with him. He stood alone. It takes courage to stand alone. It takes a heart surrendered to give of oneself in the face of solitude.

We should all strive for such a heart.

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My Documented Life: Week 18

The prompt for Week 18 was to use a quote that would inspire you for the week. I struggled with this one, and didn’t feel like my lettering worked out right on the quote. I used some gelatos for the background and couldn’t find a pen to write over it. So I got a paint brush with some black India ink and just wrote…in my own handwriting. Nothing fancy. It certainly doesn’t look like I had wanted it to.

I think the thing I love about this project is that I can experiment with different tools and mediums and learn from whatever happens on the page. It’s part of the fun.

Sometimes I look at a page later and decide to add more like I did with this quote page. I found a black border sticker and added it to the empty space at the top of the page. I think it looks a bit better now.

Here are my planner pages and inside spread. I rather like the busyness of them.

Yes, I digitally scribbled over part of my journaling for privacy purposes. 🙂

Happy Monday! Have a great week!