My Documented Life – Week 19

I’m behind in posting my journal pages in My Documented Life Project. Here is week 19 where we were to incorporate a Random Act of Kindness on our page. I decided to use a pocket and write my RAK on an orange card and stick it in the pocket.

My daughter sent me a super unique postcard for Mother’s Day so I taped it in as a tip-in. I love it!


Have a Great Day!

2 responses to “My Documented Life – Week 19”

  1. Your pages make me smile.


  2. Aww, thank you CJ. They make me smile too…especially while working on them. It has been such a tremendous boost for me to do this project. Therapeutic, yes, but it has brought me such joy to create. I'm moving this weekend, so I am going to be a couple of weeks behind, but I will catch up. 😉


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