My Last Child Graduates

My last child graduated from high school last week. I am so proud of this child who has grown into an incredible young man. He is intelligent, kind, disciplined, funny, and a hard worker. He will do well at whatever he puts his hand to and I know God has big plans for him.

Here are a few pictures of the graduation and the reception we had for him afterwards.

Yeah….the wrong year….gggrrrr…I didn’t catch it until I got home.

He will attend the University of North Texas, majoring in Computer Engineering.

I love this guy. He is definitely a gift from God.

6 responses to “My Last Child Graduates”

  1. Spread your wings and fly, Young Man. Congratulations on your achievement.


  2. Blessings on your family and their next steps. May all the love and care you give be returned to you in great measure.


  3. You are so sweet. šŸ™‚


  4. Aww, thank you Beverly. My chosen word for this year is Anticipate, and I've been anticipating great things…so far tht Lord has blessed us far beyond what I anticipated!


  5. The picture of the siblings at graduation is the BEST!!!


  6. I know!!! I love that picture! My kids all get along so well and really like to be together. Makes my heart happy


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