Happy Birthday, My Second Child

Today is my second child’s birthday. He is 24 today and he is such a blessing. He has always been a laid back child. Even from birth, he would just lay in his crib, content, looking around and smiling.

He was a curious child, experimenting with things, trying to figure out how things worked. One time he tried to carve a huge boulder in our front yard into a “K”. It just cracked the rock in half, splinting it into many pieces. What does he do? He hides the pieces in the trash can, which made it impossible to lift!

He found that he liked to draw in high school and once he began, he never stopped. He has become an incredible artist and is now working for Boss Fight Entertainment, designing video games for phones.

My son is sweet, funny, and a really hard worker. He has many great qualities and I know God is going to use him in His kingdom to bless many.

Happy Birthday, son. I love you!

3 responses to “Happy Birthday, My Second Child”

  1. Hey Sherrinda!

    It's my son's birthday today, too! He's 18. Sounds like he's got a lot in common with your Caleb! Hope you all have a great day.

    Getting ready to bake a cake for tonight!



  2. Eric is my second child, too. And very laid back. And he draws pretty well. I think he'd love Caleb's drawings!


  3. Oh wow! Aren't they fun? I hope you have fun tonight! Thanks for stopping by!


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