My Documented Life: Week 31

This week’s DLP challenge was to make a pocket for your page. I have to say my pages turned out way more darker than I wanted. I got some “muddy” places with the paint, so I tried to cover it up using black and white. It isn’t what I really wanted, but that’s part of experimenting. My pocket is made out of a large recipe card, painted pink and blue and stenciled with black gesso. Inside the pocket I put some tags from some Happy Mail I received. Not my favorite spread, but a great learning experience in paint and what colors NOT to mix. đŸ™‚

Have a great day!

2 responses to “My Documented Life: Week 31”

  1. I like the colors especially the contrast of the blues with the black


  2. I love black with blues and pinks….such great contrast.


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