My Documented Life: Week 33

The Week 33 challenge of the Documented Life Project was to use your “underpaper” in your spread. What is underpaper you ask? Well, it is the paper you put under your project when you paint. It is what you smear your fingers on to get them clean. It is what you use to stamp the ink off of your stamps. It becomes a beautiful mess that you can use in your art projects.

I cut out circles from my underpaper and glued them onto my challenge page. I also used some underpaper on the middle page of my spread. (It is under all the collage elements I glued down.)

This show what I hid behind the brown paper sack…funny photos!

My daughter, Elyssa, sent me the cut little Panda bear photo with a funny caption.

Have a great day!!!

2 responses to “My Documented Life: Week 33”

  1. Nice pic of you and your Hubster


  2. Thank you! I thought it was a good one too!


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