My Artsy Labor Day Holiday – Part 1

I enjoy being home. And really enjoy being home when I can create something fun. So on this Labor Day holiday, I used a birthday gift to Hobby Lobby and bought some canvas, paint, thread, and zippers to make a zippered bag/clutch. I took an online workshop from Roben-Marie Smith, a fabulous artist whose art I LOVE. I watched the videos, then got busy on the project.

First I painted some canvas.

Then I made the bag. It was so easy…even the zipper! Yes, you heard me right. The zipper was easy-and I didn’t even have a zipper-foot! A HUGE thanks to my parents who took my sewing machine and had it fixed for my birthday. I’m thrilled with it!

So here is my finished bag. I am super proud of it, since it has been ages since I’ve sewn anything other than hemming some curtains.

This is the back of the bag.

Now I’m off to attempt the second part of the workshop….making a journal with the other half of the canvas. Wish me luck!

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