Bible Journaling…Illustrated Faith

I bought a Journaling Bible with some Christmas money after seeing a blog post about Illustrated Faith. Since then, I have been having a blast making my favorite verses pretty. My word for the year is Brave, so I’ve looked for scripture about being brave…courageous. I love the theme of freedom and have lettered some of my favorite “free” verses. It is amazing how the Word comes alive while dwelling on the verse as I spend time making it pretty. Hopefully, one day I will have the Bible filled with color and can pass it on to my daughter as a keepsake of me and my faith.

Have a great day!

4 responses to “Bible Journaling…Illustrated Faith”

  1. What a lovely legacy to hand down


  2. Your pages are beautiful! I'd love to read more details about your process and the materials you use. Thanks for sharing!


  3. Thank you, CJ! I hope my daughter will think so.


  4. Jackie, I didn't even think about sharing the process….so sorry about that. Most of the pages were done with a Micron or Faber Castill Pen. They don't bleed. Then color is added with Prismacolor map pencils. The first picture, with the pink/orange/white background, is a gelli print that I glue in with a glue stick. I dabbed pink, orange, and white paint all over a gelli plate, then lightly rolled out the paint with a brayer. Then a laid down a piece of deli paper onto the plate and rubbed all over with my hands, making sure the paint covered the deli paper. I pulled it up, let it dry, then glued a piece into my Bible. I then lettered the verse with a Faber Castill pen. Next time I share, I will try to take pictures as I go. 🙂 Thanks for asking!


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