The Weekend Artist…and Eater

This has been my secret name for myself lately, as playing in the art room has become my favorite place to be on the weekends. And this past weekend I had an extra day to play….and eat. Whereas I like to paint in my free time, my husband likes to cook. I LOVE that, but it sure it hard to lose weight when he grills hamburgers, torches creme brule, and stuffs jalapenos. Soooo delicious!

So here are a few good things that happened over the long weekend…

1. My husband found a 4″ king size memory foam at an estate sale for only $22! My bed is so incredibly soft now. We also had to purchase new sheets to encompass the now-thicker-than-normal bed. (and it’s so pretty!)

2. I planted impatiens in the flower garden right before the rains began again.

3. I finished a custom job that included staining boards and painting lettering over it. I wasn’t too happy with the lettering and if I ever do something like this again, I will need to practice a lot more before I agree to do it. Yikes…

4. I purchased Photoshop and watched a ton of tutorials to teach me how to use it. It is not intuitive, for sure, but I’m determined to learn it so I can create digital art to sell. The above photo (BRAVE) is my first attempt and because I need you to be my guinea pig, I would love for you to download it and tell me if it prints okay.

You can download it HERE

5. I slept late Monday…until 9:45 am! That is almost 5 hours later than I normally sleep, so let me tell you, I felt so rested. Just what I needed.

6.  I experimented with some monoprinting on a canvas. Next time I need to make the paint more runny so that it will drip off the canvas. As it stands, it will take a month or so for the canvas to completely dry!

How did you spend your long weekend? Did you do anything fun, or did you get a chance to relax?

2 responses to “The Weekend Artist…and Eater”

  1. Spent a relaxing weekend hanging out in the sun room. It's pretty much where I try to work and spend my time during the warm months.


  2. Was it sunny where you are, CJ? I am missing the sun here!


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