Why We Worship God

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Some people seem to think that God is on His mighty throne demanding worship, but that is not the case. God is not one to stand apart from His creation. He is a God who stoops down to be with His people. He is with us. He engages with His creation to accomplish His mission of salvation.

So how do we know that God doesn’t demand worship? How do we understand the narrative of God with us? We look to Jesus. Jesus is God with us. When we see Jesus, we see who God is. We see what God wants us to know about Himself. We see how He wants us to act and to be. We see the true narrative of God, not the distorted “high and mighty” view of God.

Psalm 113
Praise the Eternal!
All of you who call yourselves the children of the Eternal, come andpraise His name.
    Lift Him high to the high place in your hearts.
At this moment, and for all the moments yet to come,
    may the Eternal’s name ascend in the hearts of His people.
At every time and in every place
    from the moment the sun rises to the moment the sun sets—
    may the name of the Eternal be high in the hearts of His people.
The Eternal is seated high above every nation.
    His glory fills the skies.
To whom should we compare the Eternal, our God?
    No one.
    From His seat, high above,
He deigns to observe the earth and her thin skies,
    stooping even to see her goings on, far beneath His feet.
He gathers up the poor from their dirt floors,
    pulls the needy from the trash heaps,
And places them among heads of state,
    seated next to the rulers of His people where they cannot be ignored.
Into the home of the childless bride,
    He sends children who are, for her, a cause of happiness beyond measure.
Praise the Eternal!

Why do we worship God? Not because He demands it, but because He has earned it. He is worthy. He brings freedom. He saves us. He is creator. He brings life. He heals. He forgives. He brings peace. He helps us in times of need. He teaches us. He loves us with an everlasting love.

He is worthy.

We come together as a body of believers to make a big deal about God because He is a BIG DEAL.

How big of a deal is He to you? 

***This post is from the notes taken from John Ketchersid’s sermon on June 7, 2015.

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